Nik's Sculpting Tests

Modeling and sculpting time was 2 hours, 19 minutes - I used no references.

Looks to me like you were meant to sculpt, looks great :yes:

very good, a statue effect.

I like the expression, the mouth is great too :slight_smile:

Thanks for the comments!

I am working on another sculpt at the moment, hope to update the thread later today.

nice sculpt work! especially with the mouth

New sculpt!

New one! …

2.5 with some 2.49 and Photoshop…

Hoping to improve.

Wow love the shark are you going to animate it ? please email me your sculpting talent for I have none lol :smiley:

New sculpt!!

Zombie monkey

I liked the hammer troll looking guy but it looks like you rushed on the legs and feet.

wow, those are really good, Nikolaus! :smiley: i like the troll, he looks like the one in Fellowship of the Ring :slight_smile: especially the head.


I did rush him…


Working on another sculpt/image…

I modeled the base mesh for the SMC Marathon… Sculpted everything today.



BIG WIP… So it’s not nearly complete yet…

0.0 thats terrific work! :smiley: Jeepster finally has a rival :evilgrin:

Some speed sculpt entries… (45 minutes - 2 hours)

The (base) meshes were modeled in Blender and sculpted in Zbrush.

I removed everything