nimbus - cloud generator script anyone ?

i have been posted on

and many people said there was a 404 from the very beginning i just hope someone haves this .py script somewhere :frowning:
more info on

was anyone quick enough to get this script?

I remember seeing this too and didnt get there in time…

there’s not even an email address on the site…
still, if no one has it i may know a way…
anyone got a time machine?

Well I tried contacting him via another route. We’ll just have to see how that goes.

Thanks David,
that would be great!

I just downloaded that script. If you can’t get it, I will upload it on my website.

Just tried the link, it is working now :).

Hello everybody,

I’m Edmond Ho, the developer of Nimbus, and I just wanted to: First, thank everyone for their interest in Nimbus; second, I’d like to apologize for being such a tease for both letting the link to the script go bad and making it so hard to get in touch with me. Thanks should go to David McSween for tracking me down.

The link has been repaired, so you should be able to download the Python script. Like I told David, I’m not a Python or Blender guru, so the script may be buggy. I also haven’t looked at it in years, but if you have any questions, feel free to contact me.

Edmond Ho

thanks Edmond,
there may be much to learn from this script.
may I ask permission to mirror & possible modify this script on the Blender wiki.

thinks O_o now i can die happy and make some clouds

@Meta-Androcto: Sure, you can modify and post my script to the Blender wiki. I just ask that you give me credit and maybe a link to my site, thanks. FYI, I wrote this script when I was working in Blender 2.41. I haven’t kept up with Blender recently, so you may need to update the script to work in newer versions.

I will create a wiki page for your script & certainly as the author of this script,
full links & credits will always be to you.

Just gave it a try in 2.45 and got errors. If anyone fixes this script or Brendon, if you post this on the Wiki, could you post to this thread also? Thanks!

hi, i wont post to the wiki for a few days, the script looks very interesting so hopefully someone will post a fix here.
i am absolutely snowed under with trying to maintain the huge list on the wiki.
Where’s migius when you need him?

heres an idea works for me brendon get an older version in which the script works create your clouds save blend files open in new version all good behappy (it works for me) ihavnt see dataloss so far by doing this

@ blenderrenegade
Which older version does it work with?


lol, how did you do that!
please Blender version, did you repair the script?
if so, post a repaired version.
more information please!

it works on 2.41 awesome but itworks on 2.45 too heh doubles as a scifi fusion thingy maker (squares) nice