Nina's last stand

Hi everybody,

I’ve been busy coding for the last few years and missed doing some artwork. Plus I was very curious of what you can do in blender nowadays: last time I hit the render button, it was the 2.4 series.

So I grabbed an old character of mine, a cool reluctant ninja girl hero, gave her the stage and turned on the lights. Here’s the picture: eeve render with little post-processing (vignetting) in Gimp

I have used some help from the internet to populate the scene, here are their credits:

Eye Implant by niver_mk
Mechanical Hand by uvee10
Thermal Katana by Alf Does Stuff
Ext Stair & Bridge by ryanpendarvis
Stitching pattern by nightwolfdezines

The floor texture comes from Megascans
I have started from a pose from Mixamo.

The character was modelled a few years ago starting with a Make Human mesh, the costume was sewn in blender via cloth simulation (à la Marvelous). The drones are billboards from photos.

I am quite pleased of how powerful the viewport has become: OMG, real time displacement maps, why din’t anybody tell me?!!!

If you have any question or feedback to give, please feel very welcome to leave a reply



That is amazing. Please share more!

looks perfect to me.

Hi @fenchamazingly, @Rimas_B , thanks a lot, much appreciated!

Please share more!

gladly so! here’s a turn around

and I think I have found a sick technique to make hems quickly using the Follow Active Quad projection

I can show more of that if of any interest


You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

Thank you Bart, this is wonderful!

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