Ninguem - Free Download (UPDATE 2.0 AVAILABLE)

NINGUÉM is a 2.5D platform game that i made in the last 5 months, you control a boy that needs to solve some puzzles to continue your journey into the unknown, passing through various modern society problems.

PS: Ninguém means No One in portuguese. :brazil:

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Thats a really interesting concept… The art style, although very simple, adds to the feeling of a place that is bare, cold and devoid of anything pleasant. Theres also a bit of nostalgia for me, some of the visuals remind me of Another World. I absolutely loved the theme you chose, a game that talks about poverty, detachment, societies’ cruelty towards animals and towards each other. This is quite a profound subject today and you can take it very far. Its amazing you created this in such a short time. Definitely keep on working on it, you have something quite interesting on your hands.

Great job! It reminds me of INSIDE a lot.

Thank you, Another world was one of the inspirations for this game, just like Playdead games too. But i tried to not copy these games, i tried to bring a new point of view for what we are living today.

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@jvictorzz mind if I ask what game engine you are using? It looks really nice btw.

100% blender, with 2d filter blur and bloom (custom filter)

Nice to know it’s made with a Blender (Game Engine)
Which version are you using may I ask?
Blender 2.79, UPBGE 0.25, UPBGE 0.3 (?)

blender 2.79


Thank you for this gem! It has a beautiful graphic style and atmosphere and nice riddles!