Ninja Adventure Game Development and Asset creation

Hi I am making this awesome Ninja adventure game with a clear vision on mind. Part 2 of of my journey to create a game from scratch! This is a work in progress and i am going for a semi realistic with unrealistic gameplay but fun to play. 2020 i will introduce the open world that I’m going to make with blender and Armory3d.

3rd person action adventure game made with armory 3d visual script called logic node. it is being made without any coding. 3rd person camera controller with 3rd person movement animation

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Cool, you can go on, because it’s getting great!


Honestly I think you could do better with Armory 3D’s graphics :neutral_face:
But the low-res graphics might be for performance boosting, due to reduced Frame-Rate.

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thank you! appreciate the support feel more motivated

spot on. this is just the beginning

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Sazzad gostaria de fazer uma parceria, eu posso ajudar com o gráfico bonito


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nice! graphics spectacular also correction it’s actually 3rd person

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Você tem discord ? @Naut Play#6988