Ninja game

Wow, its been such a long time since i posted here!:o but i still do check on here every now and then. This post is for an untitled game that i started during the summer but got bored which caused the progress to slow down, and now that i started college i don’t have much time anyways. I decided to post now cuz i dont want the project to just sit on my pc when i intended it for the public. I also started a Naruto Shippuuden game before this, but the file is a little big for only a small demo so i wont post that now. This game is not polished or anything so you may have to reconfig the controls.

The background in the image was just build as a test for the functions that i added and i should credit some people for the weapon trails and menu script, i dont remember the name right now but ill credit them later.

IMPORTANT: to use my default controls add the “MenueTut_Key” file to your blender directory.

I hope that i may regain interest and start again but until then just mess around this little project. If you want you can also build upon it or someting… well if you can, because some of my codes are messy.:frowning:

Thanks for reading and sorry for the long post.

Want help with weapons?

pretty cool game!

You forgot to pack the textures. Go to the files menu, external data, pack into blend. (246)
The tsuka (handle)'s texture isn’t well unwrapped. I can make you swords if you don’t wanna bother. It doesn’t have a hamon either.
Very cool animations!

I think you should make a mask for him.
I’ll make you a “modern fantasy” ninjato for the sword, if you want to.

I was actually about to drop the project,so i posted here so at least someone would see it before it died. The reason everything looks so basic is because i was working on the game play first, then i would attempt so pretty thing up. But if you really are willing to help me. then I’ll bring this game as far as it can go. the sword looks cool and i would love to put it in the game.

I’m not sure about the mask idea, but remember that i used almost no textures yet so i probably replace the character anyways. Thanks for the help so far.

Alright, I can help you. I made a weapon damage script, I can make AI…
We could make a simple little game out of this. Maybe something that generates random levels where you fight samurai

I PMed you. im grateful for you help

Here’s a .blend. A nice demonstration showing the blade cutting tomatoes and a bamboo cane. :slight_smile:

Textures are low-res and the blade has a extremely low poly count,
it also has motion blur.

It still looks awesome. A bit cartoonish, but shading would fix that if you would like to.


Ninjato.blend (366 KB)

wow cool the thing of tomatos.

yea it does look pretty nice, ill use this to replace the current one. Would you mind mind also making a spear with a blade at the tip as well? i’m thinking of adding a variety of weapons for more customized fighting styles.:yes:

That’s called a Naginata, I can make it.
It would have more polys than the Ninjato of course.
How it’s wield:

Edit: Here is it:
Naginata.blend (256 KB)

What’s going on?
Shall I post the damage script? It’s actually very simple…

Here’s the damage script.
Made in Blender v2.47 Apricot (no GLSL used)
(Press space 2 times :))


damageScript.blend (137 KB)

My gaming style focuses on role play.

I stick to the rules, because I’ve found that the

rules are the skeleton of a game.

B3D00 could u please tell how did u make motionblade?

Can u plz just learn to spel rite and lok at te file urself?
And, thanks for bumping this thread :smiley:
Hint: Browse for -[Killer]-'s tutorials.