Ninja games

Thought you may find this site helpful

what part of this has to do with game engine?

None, just info I thought people would be interested if they decide to make a ninja game. Should this be in a different topic ?

here is a site in case anyone want to make a game about cows :, another one in case someone would make a game with telephones in it : and anotherone for those who just like milk


Too bad Rompel’s only joking. Lol, actually is an actual site. The rest are just bogus.

Actually this isn’t too bad of an idea. Although most of these sites are usually commercial sites. It would be great to have a place where there are collections of images and information about different types of things ranging from peasants, ninjas, aliens, all the way to giant robots.

Although many like me would probably just google for the information.

%| I think Al_Capone wants someone to make a ninja game. There is one in the works. Hanzo is working on it.

Jason Lin

Not anymore…

You know if you don’t find this info useful, then buzz off. Not all games are base on information. And yes it is hard to find such info and reference on this topic. And no, it’s not because it’s a game I would like to see, I post such a topic from papertoys website, thought that would be helpful as well.

Why don’t you leave and come back in a few years when you are (hopefully) more mature? You are doing a great disservice to everyone here by trolling, or posting only moderately useful things, which people could easily find via google, and then flaming everyone for pointing that fact out. %|

You know if you don’t find this info useful, then buzz off.

Calm down man, ok.
It is agreat idea and a great ninja site. Really, I mean it.
No hard feelings. I was just wondering what it hat to do with the game engine :-?

Not all games are base on information

I did not know a game was based on information…Don’t really get it here

And yes it is hard to find such info and reference on this topic

I typed ninja in google, I found loads of stuffs, your link was the second one.

Indeed it is a good idea to have non blender related stuffs but in “the game engine” part of the forum??? not sure.
maybe in the “traditional” one…

no, traditional is for drawings and such. Off-topic is where this belongs…

This is reference and yes there are bad games because of the lack of reference. And spare me the troll comment lemmy, not much of anything useful is posted on this topic.

Yes, no hard feeling.

Who said I’m not working on that game anymore? ( I didn’t :frowning: ), I am! just I haven’t had the time to update…

%| don’t spread miss information about what people are doing, angh!

A ninja game with wall-running, jumping from wall to wall and super-fast swordfighting would be nice! I’m just saying what I think! :wink:

Ninja Combat is a kick ass game, from SNK. You can play it on MAME :wink:

  1. Ninja Combat, wicked Game PLay THAT! :wink:

Spin master is fun too :stuck_out_tongue: