Ninja Guardian

this is really cheesy anime style, but i love stuff like that! it’s going to be a ninja in an explosion, with angel wings and a sword.


Haha! The hands almost look like cowbells!

You should probably change the hands to golden-armored, black gloves.

i was thinking like…telephones, for hands…and maybe, like…a mcdonalds in the background.

rigged and ready for action.


Looks great.Can I ask for a clay render of it?

EDIT: I’d really like to see a plastic like material on this guy. Black and white.

What the…hell is that thing?
the hands look f**ked and also looks like you just copied and rotated the right one.
it could just be the way you have the hands modeled or you need to mirror it, or something.

other then the hands issue he looks cool, He looks to heavily armored to be a ninja though.
maybe you should think of giving him a gun?
give him a huge boomstick of a gun to wield.
something like a grenade launcher, mini gun, or a combo of the two.

If I were to sum him up I would have to go with “hes a crack driven robotic cylon power ranger from the future ready to ram his foot in your ass”

Yeah, the right hand is… backwards!? lol the thumb is on the back of his hand?? I would delete his whole right side (so from the front it is YOUR left) and add a mirror modifier so he is symetrical.

lol, its just the weird angle and i stressed the pose, but his thumb is definitely on the right side. this is for an animation i have begun working on of him just beasting other ninjas in a slow mo fight set to the music from the transformers soundtrack.

a still from the burly brawl im creating.