Ninja Jump n' Run

This is my first post and i will like to introduce this game i did about one year ago. It has some bugs, the story is written in german, and there are only 3 levels, anyway i hope you enjoy.

Move: A,D
change colors: 1,2,3





IT LOOKS REALLY GOOD! do you have some project in mind?

I used to play it like you, until I took Real Time shadows to the knee. :\

Really nice though

awesome game.
was very difficult :slight_smile:

I like it! I had to tweak it a bit because of the bugs though! :stuck_out_tongue:

:slight_smile: thank you. I have some projekts in mind, but i am not sure when i will start them. anyway, i am not able to program and i know i am not going to learn it because i am doing a lot of other stuf. so i will probably need help if i do a new project.

That is a nice and funny game. I like the ninja guy. Cute character design.

And thanks for providing a Mac app. Most games here are windows exe. So I can’t try them.

Nice work!!
Disclosed took the liberty of the topic in the forum Blender Brazil (í­cias-e-Artigos/100397-Mini-game-de-ninja-estilo-plataforma.html#100397).

I like it! good work :smiley:

Great game


@@firefox.jco thanks for sharing.