Ninja Model SOC IK rig

Hello folks, I’ve been testing out the blender Soc Ik build on this Ninja model I just made check it out, any comments,critique, and any ideas on how to improve the rig or model are welcome…

Here’s a walk test animation

Download link~~

Nice ninja, but I think if you had him sneek like this (pic below) it might have made it look convincing. (ninjas are never in the open – having him sneek from shadow to shadow looks cool)


Hey friedbrain, thanks for the character. But I can’t seem to get this to work.

What build are you using?

I tried a build on Windows from the testing builds forum, built 05-09-18 and I also tried my own CVS build for linux built 05-09-16.

In both cases, it crashed when I open the file.

I also tried appending to a new file, but it also crashes.

I can open it in 2.37a, but the armature obviouly doesn’t come in right.

@ D_structorr I know what you mean about the sneaking I’ll probably end up doing something more like what you’re talking about, but that was just a test nothing fancy.

@fakeplastic yeah the file might not open on the latest cvs builds, I made this using one of the earlier SOC IK builds circa 09/08/05, try one of these builds

I updated the file some, just added extra controls for the legs.

–Sorry, didn’t mean to preach^^; That’s a good ninja. I’ll try it when 2.40 comes out; I’m still new with this whole “builds” thing… (…and I call myself a programmer… :-? )

–Despite everything, it sure beats my walk cycle :smiley: .

@D_structorr don’t worry I encourage all types of feedback specially constructive ones even if i disagree they’re good 'cuase they make me think out of the box. :smiley:

So has anyone been able to open the file?

I have been able to open it in the builds from the SoC page you linked to.

Haven’t played with it yet, but it seemed to work fine in that build.

Hopefully it will work in 2.40.

yeah I hope it opens in 2.40 too.

Here are more test cycles:

Waay better!!! The only variation that I had in mind from the fantastic cycle you got is that the sword would be the sword pointed downward with the blade in the direction of the pinky; and the other hand free out in front. (I should have drawn that instead–I like that stance better)

–ready for grab & slash action :slight_smile: (You don’t have to change the cycle; I know how much work that is; it’s just a thought)

comment: good ninja model, & good walk cycle^^ (how do you get the pictures to animate like that?)


thanks D_structorr, yeah i would have to redo the hole cycle in orfer to have him hold the sword with the blade pointing down, getting both hands on the sword plus animating that is tedious work, I think it would’ve looked cooler that way too I just didn’t think about it then.

The animations you see are gif. animation files.

Updated the file,
I changed the empty IKs with bone IK controllers, it was too much crap having to animate emptys and bones separatelly, and also i redid the foot set up I had it all wrong, one thing that would be cool to have in Blender is the ability to toggle on/off constraints while animating, sometimes I could care less for them.

My dream IK system in blender would be one without the need for null bones or constraints. I don’t know how disturbing this might look like in code; but here’s what I had in mind: To use IK, all one has to do is click the ends of a bone, and select IK on the popup. --Think of the possibilities: If you want a finger locked in a certain (x,y,z), just click on the tip of it! -and if you drag the whole body, that finger will stay right there.
–I didn’t come up with this, I drooled over it here:

I’d want blender to have something like that, because it would get more and more refined with each new release :smiley:

-===Could you explain to me how to get the gifs to animate; -I looked all over the web for tutorials, and even got dumb enough to look up .gif compiler… and it didn’t work… --please help (or point me to tutorial)

dang, this rig looks nice, the sword attack is a bit slow for a ninja, and although the run is cool, it would have the sword in a backhanded position as stated.

D_structorr your IK dream system sounds like a cool idea, some mad coder is probably already working on it, btw that link don’t work :-? , the gif. animations you see were done using Macromedia Flash all you do is import your video and then export it as a gif. animation file

Thanks JellyWerker yeah the sword slashing can be faster, all i got to do is adjust the frames.

Here’s a jump animation

wow, I want his legs of steel!

Really cool animations. Not so fond of the squarish legs and feet though.
… now that I look at it again, he seems a bit blockish all over so try rounding him out a little.

I think the blockiness contributes ot his overall style, cartoony.

Thanks pofo glad you like the animations, I think am keeping him the way he is as of now like JellyWerker saids cartoony.

started doing some background building…

@friedbrain: the link didn’t work? well, try this one: , and click download; there’s a Quicktime video that I think you should see (so you can get an idea of what I was talking about) --You’ll like it^^;

Cool the link works D_structorr, that program looks awesome for animating but they don’t have a plug-in for Blender :frowning: , it be nice too see those IK/FK features incorporated into Blender 8)

I’m still drooling… but I’ll stick with blender; weather the developers add it or not. (I always wanted to make 3d stories and stuff, without blender… my blueprints remain blueprints --besides, I’m addicted to the UI)
I for one know that a bad UI can screw up the best software ever made. …whichever it is.