Ninja Quest -WIP-

Hi, i just found Blender a few days ago, its been a long time i want to make decent games but i dont have knowledge neither fund to do it. Then i found Blender! a 3D modeling and animating PLUS a game engine and its FREE!.. i got so much idea popup inside my head… and i just found a perfect game idea for my first time game >_<

About My Self

I am a Diploma Graduated from Malaysian Institute Infotech MARA under University Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, ive been studied 3 and half years taking 3D animation course using 3D Studio Max as my main 3D platform/software. Right now im kinda get hanging with Blender interface and style, since its very very different from 3D Studio Max, its kinda like Avid Softimage XD, I dont have any knowledge of Programming even for a simple one (Javascript i think) so ill try to learn it (i kinda hate reading >_<; hopefully i can handle it or understand it a bit :x

this is my first of tons idea for Blender Game Project, so read it up XD

Game Project Name : Ninja Quest
Game Genre : 3D Platform / Side Scroll
License : Creative Commons License
Estimate Complete Date : N/A
Status : Idea Development / Modeling

Game Storyline

3 Ninja agent are given a mission from Yuuji-Ou (King Yuuji) to search and protect the lost ancient sacred scroll which is located deep inside Kuro Volcano Mountain that full with Kuro Demon guarding the Mountain, the mission is get through into the Mountain and defeat the Majin-Ou (Demon King) to retrieve the scroll before the Majin-Ou decode the scroll.

Game Mechanics

You can chose and control 1 of 3 Shinobi (Ken, Ryuu and Shuu) after the prologue movie. Each Shinobi has very unique weapon mastery and ability, Ken using Dual Wield Katana and has Earth Ability, Ryuu using Spear and has Fire Ability while Shuu using Projectile (Kunai/Shuriken) and has Water Ability. Every stage u can choose again which Shinobi u will use next. I might be consider will do In game switching between 3 Shinobi.

Shinobi can use their elemental Ability like Attack and Defence skill and their own hissatsu (Critical Skill/Ultimate Skill) I will go trough it later, also each Shinobi can do basic ninja skill like Replacement skill for evading enemy attack and Sneak attack enemy, Fast Dash trough enemy pack and etc. This game will be fast pace game since ninja tend to do thing fast (run fast, attack fast and kill fast).

Like usual Platform / Side Scroller game, each level stage has Last Stage Boss. Unlike normal enemy, Boss can do skills to attack player… There will be some demon boss and also Ninja boss. Player also interact with environment like. Breaking barrier pass, evading traps, etc…

i put game info into images and attached it here too
Theres some Game Concept Sketches also :slight_smile:

Ive been modeling some stuff right now… mainly weapons for the main character and going to model the main character too soon…

Note : If this project going to be smooth and awesome, i might commercialize it and of course (if its going to), ppl that contribute/helping me will get rewards ^_^.


sounds cool~!

if you need blender advice you can ask me and the forum

Awesome drawings! It looks doable, the idea is great, and I think it would be fun to play.
Go for it!


Really looks great and promising. I love your all the pre-production work you did. The concept reminds me of a mix between the original Ninja Gaiden and Castlevania. Kudos and good luck.

| Sanguine |

Wonderful! I have to say that youre maybe the first to make a good start when making a game in here. At least from what i’ve seen posted.
Cant really crit or so about anything yet but the concept looks very promising.
Your drawings got my thoughts going, will you use som sort of toon shader ?

looks nice! And I see you finally got your thread up!
Good Luck!

@kay_Eva - Thanks, sure i need to learn more bout python XD and material thinggy

@Turin Turambar - Thanks :slight_smile:

@Sanguine - Thanks, well… the theme are inspired by some ninja anime (Naruto, Ninja Scroll, etc), more game concept still have to scan and edit yet … more coming (Basic ninja skill, enemy concept etc)

@Juggler - oh really? lol… thanks, Toon Shader look cool too… i might try it XD

@curlystraw - ^^, yeah… i pmed PlantPerson bout my thread … and he reply fast XD, he said the approval system is something new and the mods not used to having use it yet ^^

Later on ill be scanning more concept sketches on more game mechanics details and how it works and some enemy design, if u guys got some idea just post here … C&C are welcome XD, i have no knowledge of Blender Python API so i might going to need some help on it… while im trying to learn on the way… XD


Well said, i forgot.

this looks pretty cool, except on the concept sketch for the characters, you left out Ryuu, and wrote Ken instead.

Also, what element does Ryuu use? looks like fire to me…

@ AniCator - lol XD

@ Juggler - :stuck_out_tongue:

@ Yoda Almighty - omg… i just realize it >_<… i fixed it and re-attached at the first post, yes he use Fire element and Spear user

im progressing a bit slowly, just finished some concept sketches including some mobs and enemy… also i modeled some main weapons that going to be used on our character…

if u guys got some ideas on mobs and stuffs, go ahead and post here… as always C&C are welcome…

p/s : soon i might going to game engine setup after i done character modeling (Ken) and some stuffs so im going to need help bout that… still hasnt go through Python Basic, Logic thinggy, and tutorials XD


Looking good.
A small suggestion:

Looks really good and most important promising! Don’t trash this project.

You’re kicking my butt when it comes to getting all the pre-planning done. I guess it will be a race to the finish between my Ninja game and yours, though two very different play styles. Good luck with this, I’ma setup a WIP thread once I’m done doing my gameplay tests to see if I can pull off everything I want to do.

time for update? :smiley:

Hi, Sorry for being away for a few days… i went to capital (300km away) and bought new Graphic Card (9600GT) XD which is im happy :slight_smile: :D… now reply time XD

@AniCator - lol sorry late reply… i just found how to change the bg D: lol im nub XD

@[Killer] - thanks XD… ill try my best to finish this :slight_smile:

@Midian - hehe, my goal are not finish this game fast… but delivering best quality of game and load of fun XD… im sure it will be different then urs … im looking forward for ur Ninja game too :slight_smile:

@Kay_Eva - yesh! update time!

i just finish doing weapons for main character… complete with texturing XD…

and im starting modeling my first characer - Ken - Katana weilder and Earth user XD, just finish 3/4 of it still lot to do, being configuring my new gfx card coz earlier got problem with it… driver issues… >_<;;

now for the screen shot!


you can do this! you have a char, a weapon, now you just need some coding.

wow this could be a very good game you are making good progress with it.

this looks cool, in such a stylized world (it seems from what I see) it will be cool to see your plants and vegetation and other doodads


This is coming along very good! I love the character style! You are also a very good drawer. I draw manga too! I am wondering what style the terrain will be. Maybe you could post some concept art or screen shots from blender.