Ninja Robot

I started a new little project to practice my Character animation skills.

A friend of mine drew the first sketches of the robot and i did the rest.

Im actually quite pleased with how the robot turned out exept for the arms wich where made just to get done with it so ic ould start riging it. The arms that where on the original sketch turned out to be a pain in te ass to moddel and i didnt have the time.

And the riggin unfortunatley sux. IK doesent work at all. I will have to look in to the manual and some more tutorials to se if i can fix it.

But the anamation i did so far turned out a bit to fast :stuck_out_tongue: Its supposed to be really fast but not this verry fast. But other wise its rather good. And i will probably start on the rigg tonight. This is the the first test.

Pretty good!

One point is that practitioners of Japanese sword arts use their hips to generate power for the cuts, and your first cut doesn’t look like it has any power. A slight hip shift would give it a feeling a strength. It doesn’t have to be a big movement, maybe the right foot slides a little out, or the robot squats an inch. The most important thing is that the hip moves in the direction of the cut (right and down in the first one) at the same time that the sword would be cutting through the imaginary opponent (just like you did with the second cut).

If you can, I’d suggest adding some shape keys to the eyes in order to give the face different expressions. I think it would be rockin if his eyes narrowed just before or as he attacks.

I like the model, and look you’re going for. Keep it up!

hehe :stuck_out_tongue: I’m not really an expert at Japanese sword fighting. Originally i had planed that he should fight kung fu like since i have been practising that for 4 years :stuck_out_tongue: But he is way to stiff for that :stuck_out_tongue: And i will maybe fix the eyes but the rig is my main concern.

even if he is too stiff for kung-fu, you should follow Trevor advice about the hip-thrusting if you want a more realistic animation.

Trevor: That hip thing is not only in japanese sword fighting style but in most sword fighting styles outside japan too. I’m currently looking to join the SCA (Society of Creative Anarchism) for their heavy combat and fencing activities and from what I’ve seen, they use the hips a lot for increasing the force of the stoke and that is what I’m practicing with (need to improve my balance first since i have kinda a lousy balance due to what have caused my deafness)

SCA :stuck_out_tongue: that sunds like some sort of terror organisation. Exactly waht is it ?