Ninja Turtle Game... Need help

I’m having problems with the shading. When I realtime render my game the only thing that is shaded is my main character, the map is full color. I’ve trid flipping normals turning the shaders in game tab on. I’m stuck.

Also if I wanted to have my character run up walls and stick to them, how would i do that?
Right now I have on a collision sensor that servo sensors it up the z axis on impact.

I would also like to have it so the turtles can pull out and put away their weapons. I’m assuming you do this with states but i’m having trouble figuring them out.


If you have your environment on a separate layer you have to move the lamp to that layer as well. Otherwise there is no shading on objects from that layer.

I hope that helps

thanks it helped

I’m also facing the problem of attaching swords to my 3rd person character which i’d like to change.

Here’s an early shot of my game. The problem is the sword is part of my characters mesh, and I’d like it to be an object that can be swapped.

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