This is something I´ve been work for a while
Hope u like =]


If doesnt work, try here

See ya!

Can you give a bit more light? It’s hard to judge as is.

Ninja try to be invisible. They would never wear shiny white socks (unless in winter, but then they would wear white clothes also). :wink:

i can barely see anything, but I do see the socks!

waiting for the animation…


oh man…i think i need to decrease the brightness of my monitor when I work with gimp =]

I replaced the first link with a brighter version =]

I was thinking in make something with him, but I have no idea of how I could make the pants and the part that cover his head should be animated without look, humm… “hard” =]

Its a urban ninja, so sometimes he has to look more “fashion” than mortal ehehehhee

Seee ya =]

nice pic but ummmm he seems like the nerdiest ninja I’ve ever seen lol and it looks like he has skating shoes ondoes, does he ride around the city on a skateboard? well again nice pic hope to see more

dude thats sweet, i think you should give him long pants :-?
i’m working on a ninja my self, though yours rocks mine!

If I were a ninja, I certainly wouldn’t use white socks :slight_smile:


A nerd ninja
This sounds funny =]

I uploaded some screens of him

reminds me of Action Man action figures I used to play with when I was a little kid.
Cool thing!

very nice, superman style pose.

i like the model, except that it is too symmetric.

fix that and it will improve

SamAdam when you make comments or criticisms you should be clearer of what you are talking about. When you say that it is too symmetric, what do you mean by ‘too symmetric’ is it the pose, the model itself, if so what do you suggest would make it better and why would your suggestion make it better?

Just a little C&C for C&C.

Very good - como sempre Blitz!
The background is really cool.

as samadam said. give i’m a more natural pose. something bended.