i need c&c on this…

You should set some OSA in your renders settings and the texture of the block is streched on the bottom (in the texture panel => map input, click on cube instead of flat).
But the model and colors of your ninja work very well.

Looks great but do as what the 2nd post say.

hmmm… not bad, but needs OSA. Its got a nice look to it, toon shading looks about right. It looks a little empty, you should add stars and a moon. :wink:

? it has got OSA

have you clicked the image to see the full size?

Yes and I still think there is no OSA :wink:
What is the value of OSA, 5 ?

how can it be an OSA of 5 if you say there isn’t any OSA?

:-? I’m confused

The brick texture looks kind of stretched, and the background looks a bit empty, other than that, keep up the good work! =-)

Well excuse me for the bad explanation :slight_smile:
In my opinion there is no OSA but you said that there is some OSA so I was thinking that the value of OSA was the weakest, that is to say 5…
Sorry for the confusion :wink:

lol…i actually there are a lot of tips and crits here…but it appears that it’s the two of you argueing about OSA! anyhow there is osa (max) but i have a weird problem…it appears it’s barely working on big renders! (if at all), also for some reason the osa doesnt let me use stars in the world material…any ideas on how to solve this? btw you think i should make an animation? that’s what i planed for this character but i’m not sure i like the bone structure…i think i’ll post the wire so you’ll be able to see it and give tips…maybe i’ll even improve this character…what do you think? does it have potential to be better?
but first i would like to show you my biggest problem: subsurfless so you’ll see it better:
without the pose it looks good:
but after making the pose it looks really messed up:

Oh, man … i’m just a f***ing idiot !
I took a look at the hi-res picture which resolution is 1600x1200 and so it was displayed in a reduced scale, so for me there was no OSA.

I’m so sorry for boring you with such stupid things !
please, don’t hurt me

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I think he was right.