I am doing a ninja. I do it for this contest. He is one of my first humans. And its my first face. What do you think of him?

No one reply to my topics. Why?

The body is a bit flat looking and the legs seem a bit short IMHO. It’s not bad for a first face. I myself don’t have the nerve to even attempt a face or body at this point in time. Keep at it.

I know it’s flat but I am doing it for a lowpoly contest.

you can make a lowpoly model that isnt flat you know :wink:

You mean that the shirt don’t have any wrincles, don’t you?

Here’s a update their I made his legs longer, gave him hands, gave him throwing stars, another sword and added wrincles with normal or bump mapping.

People on the contest I am doing this for think he doesn’t look “Martial art like”. How should I make him that? Giving him more weapons or what?

well, hes just a man in a black costume.

for starters: take a look a the feet you have modeled…now have a look at a ninjas boots. (split toe)

You should take a look at ninjitsu sites and clothing (and photos of people wearing it). have a look at action shots etc…it will help a lot.

And it’s still flat. A ninja’s (or human’s for that sake) body isn’t that wide (X axis) and at the same time that flat (Y axis). If I was a ninja I would never wear clothing which was hanging loose at the sleeves and feet either. You might wanna make the neck of the clothing a bit tighter too.

Good luck in the contest, keep on going and you might reach the top!

I sort of like him the way he is if you’re going for a funny cartoonie little ninja dude. According to the contest you’re supposed to be going for making him look like a killer and , no offense, but I think the only one afraid this little guy might kill him would be maybe Gumby. Maybe Wallace. Certainly not Grommit. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not trying to discourage you- I don’t know where your skill level is at, but you need to make him more anatomically correct- give him some girth to his chest, arms and legs. Chest is wider and deeper than the hips. Bumps in the right places to indicate muscles. Put him in some sort of karate pose or something.

If he’s supposed to be something more like “plastic man ninja”, then maybe you’ve got a good model- just make him do something that showcases that dangerous aspect of him- like maybe a kick and his leg is stretched way out.

Ok, ninja do not carry there swords around unsheethed. They also carry there throwing stars in a special pouch so they are not visible and are not going to poke them in the stomach when the bend over (like you have them now). You might think of giving him some some real eyes, not just black placeholders. The new nor map definitely gave him wrinckls, but in all the wrong places, looks too random. The upper gi needs to have a fold across the chest with a “V” collar, this guy looks more like a cat burgler with some weapons then an actual ninja.

some references for you:
link 1
link 2
link 3
Link 4

Hope some of these help you out.

Ninja have sometimes two swords around the belt of thier outfit. One is shorter than the other, one is a katana(that means almost nothing) and the other I forgot.

Another thing that I think is that ninja’s don’t wear loose clothes, they wear thighter than normal, but not tights though. If a ninja wore baggy clothes, then his clothes would make a lot of noise. Same with really tight clothes.

For me, a ninja wouldn’t have throwing stars cause the light would reflect and give away his position.

And, umm, idunno, but I always thought ninja were really strong.

Thanks for the tips everyone. Khnum your links doesn’t help much since someone else posted almost the same on the contest page. But thanks. In the most ninja movies the ninjas have stars. I think I give you a update tommorow.

He looks a little blocky at the moment IMHO, or flat as the others are saying. I would, as before, define muscles and make the clothes tighter. The two swords (although wasn’t this samurai rather than ninja) are the katana (longer, curved) and wakizashi(sp?) (shorter, more like a long knife).
Regarding pose, I would say finalise the model before rigging him and posing him.

ok it’s low poly

but maybe you should work this model out after the contest

like making it more realistic

or make it cartoon

Ok, if those images are not helping then I don’t know what to tell you, You need to use your eyes. Does your image look like any of the ninja in any of the images, if not, what about them is different then your model and then make it that way. The difference between a ninjas long sword and a samurais is that the ninja almost exclusively used a straight blade while the samurai use the curved. Both usually had the wakazashi, and sometimes the tanto as well (dagger).

Look at your shoes and look at the image of the shoe I linked, does your model have the big toe seperate from the rest of them, is the boot holding the pants inside or outside? Your mask is all wrong as well, it should be two seperate pieces, the mouth piece and the hood. Sleeves should be tied down at the wrists and the gloves either cover the whole hand or have just a back-hand guard, sometimes studded for extra damage. If you look at image #1 you will also see the fang lookiing hand weapons, those might be better for a belt displayed weapon on your model as opposed to the ninja stars, WHICH EVERY NINJA HAVE!!! They are the ones that popularized them! BUT, they do not carry them loose in there belts as I said earlier, they have pouches that the put them in, for easy grabbing while still conceling them. They are all about stealth.

Hopefully this is a bit more helpful, else I’m at a loss.

I thought I was going to finnish him before I rigging him. Every one kept nagging about the flatness so I done his body after a blueprint. Here is an update:
I gave him a long knife, a little bag for his stars, sheath for the swords on his back and some ninja boots. I am going to give him eyes, but realistic eyes is highpoly. I think he looks a little bit like a female now, but the blueprints that I chosed between was Mr. Fantastic or The Thing (from Fantasic 4) and The Hulk (from the movie, not the serie). I think hulk and thing style don’t fit ninjas so I used Mr Fantastic. Do you still think he is flat? I didn’t thought it looked good with the rope that held his swords so I removed it. How do Ninjas put thier sword at the back?

I suck at making muscles? So do anyone know how I should do to make muscles for him?

He looks much better now! As for muscles, google lightweight bodybuilders.