I have been following Lee Salvemini’s ninja modelling tutorial (cgmasters).
Please let me know what area I could improve on - I’d like to modify the head front view (cloth in particular) but wondering if other areas are off as well before moving to the lower part of the body…

Really looks nice, that´s a perfect tutorial, I really like the blenders tutorial, anyway.
I remember the modeling of this ninja, it have a lot of faces but looks great I will wait to see more progress.
Keep the good work !!!

blocking the lower body

Did this tutorial recently. It’s good, but too fast. And i think you can do this type of character 10 times faster in Zbrush or another sculpt software.

the pants should be more wrinkled where they tuck into the leggings

Sculpt is more faster, but you have to do a retopoly, I don´t know if modeling and making detail is but it have nice result.

@Modron: there is some cloth animation later on for the pants, so I am holding on for that.

Some more modelling legs and feet, simple three point lighting:

update - upper body details

some more details

a start on the swords and sheaths