im not that great of a modeler yet, especially when it comes to organic/human modeling, so i thought the other night why not start it out simple with a cartoony character, so i immedietly thought of this awesome character

as you can see though i have a lot of improving to do:rolleyes:

hints/suggestions C&C is very welcome <<< for those of you who havent seen this series

fixed the head a little bit

now for the hat i need loops going around the ring (pic 2)
any suggestions as to how i can do this?


imnot entirly sure what a ninjia is…but i think that perhaps a ninjai should still follow te dress code of a ninja, purly for cinimatic value, what you have at the moment is “technically” a chinese peasent. and though yes, kung fu and the martial arts were developed in china, i cant help but tihnk u want the sort of whole ninja theme, which is very much a japanese thing. and thus i would say make the dude a proper ninja (blacked out clothes and wat not" or…go manga style, and make him soooooo ninja that he has the right to wear a hat like that and take no sh*t from noody (see first 10 miutes of “ninja scrol”)

well actually “Ninjai” is the name of the character from the series. And i am modeling that specific character instead of a “real ninja” like you say. although after this project i may do that because now that you say it im intigued :smiley:

ahhh i see, i didnt realise that :o , whats the series called? i might have to check it out.

Well it shouldn’t be that hard to make 3 edge loops for each crease that you want to make on the hat. Then just decrease the size of the middle ring in each 3 loop group.

I seems your model needs a nose too. I see a nose underneathe his hat there.

link is in first post at the bottom

I recommend making the vertical lines using textures. Looks to me like setting a disp or nor map should be pretty easy to get those lines and will keep your mesh simple.

@ Pork: Read the posts dude. :0) The second post has the name of the series in one of his pics.

soter…:o …oops

The Ninjai episodes are TIGHT… but they have only gotten to episode 12. Right? I really want to know where they stand in animation etc.

I have seen some of this series and I wish you luck in modeling the little ninja. Do you plan on animating him?
I thought the animation was very well done and the lines are not half bad, but it was a little to bloody for me, and I see enough of that on the news as it is:(.