Ninjas going postal, fresh blood needed :D

You warned us in the beginning you would claim it. We just kept it warm for you ;D

Well, I remember someone said QS Dragon was planning to claim it :rolleyes:…
But since he’s too busy with the explosion, I just took it XD…

& finished, into the Dropbox folder ;)…
(There are 6 variations of the trees, so the file is… kinda big :o… but they’re all using the same particle system)

Oops… my bad :smiley:

I was told the explosion was going to be a fight to the death :stuck_out_tongue: and yes I recall saying I planned on doing it, I apologize, after I saw your city tree I figured I’d let you handle something you had down pretty well, probably shoulda said as much. As for the explosion, have you gotten anywhere? I’ve successfully gotten mushroom clouds and stuff, but once I turn hd smoke on it turns into a nearly perfect cylinder… That’s when I uploaded the Sintel file, and everything in that went right over my head XD

I plan to do some modelling/textures or materials when I get home, will probably avoid the smoke sim and the inevitable headache till before bed.

@QS Dragon: You never claimed it, you cannot be held responsible for it :wink:

Regarding claiming things… the rig is done! Well, ‘done’ might be a big word. ‘Rig’ might also be a big word. I got… something. It was uploaded as Human2.blend. The work took over 2 hours, and gave me 3 realizations/reminders:

1: Rigging is goddamn hard.
2: The rig (the 2.54 built-in Human metarig) is not very good. That might be why it is not in 2.55. Just saying…
3: The current deformation weights in the mesh are even worse. I have no idea if it can be fully fixed with the current armature, or if extensive improvements are needed, but something has to be done. Don’t get me wrong, it works, but results range from unimpressive to really poor. As evidence, a picture of the whole thing in a rather demanding pose:

I blame the armature for the pelvis being damn near impossible to control. I can’t figure the idea behind that rig out. The knees deform like stiff paper because of the vertex weights, which are automatically generated. I am unsure how much careful weight painting can do, but at some point, we’ll find out. The rest is just kind of stiff. I am sure weight painting can solve a lot, but deform assisting bones are going to be needed, too. Not seen here: When legs step to the side, hips fold into the abdomen. Again, weight painting counts for a lot, but it seems so drastic that more must be needed…

Anyway, foot and hand IK are in place. Fingers have IK, too, and fold according to an IK bone target for each. Still a bit clunky, but they work. Feet have had some additional bone work. Feet are moved by the heel bone, but for push-off from the ground, arcIK will lift the foot arc (rotate the bone), while toeIK (not the toe bone) will provide full push-off. Once a foot is lifted, toeIK and arcIK can revert to normal, and/or IK can be turned off for them, to make the foot straighten out for landing or other impact (a kick, for example).

Play around with it. Let me know what happens. It is not good, but it should be good enough to find several of the problems needing to be fixed.

As for eyes, I had some trouble getting them to fit. Either the iris is a bit large, or the sockets in the human mesh were made without attention to eyes. Anyway, he looks a bit funny, with those big irises, but making the eyes smaller means they do not fill out the sockets. Other than that little size thing, they look great! the left image is just with eyes inserted, the right is after bones were added, with a focus. In other words: Left guy is looking at nothing, right guy is looking at something an arm’s length from his face.

EDIT: Just uploaded a new version. Only change is that I put a lot of bones on a different layer, leaving only the ones worth manipulating visible. I still don’t understand the torso/stomach/pelvis bones, so they are all visible.


Deformation could be improved with weight paint…

I’ve done some experiments with it on a very simple rig (no IK), & I got it to look somehow smooth…
Maybe I’ll look at it tomorrow, I’m doing something right now & I can’t get my mind away from it XP…

There, I finished the layout for the nightclub. I realized that at this point, there’s so much stuff to be made to fill it out I figured I’d put up what I had and add to it as we go. Anyone else who makes something to scale should feel free to post it in and fill it up! most important would be band/dj equipment (Turntable, more detail up front than on top) speakers and such. Also drink glasses, barstools and the seats at the sit down areas. There’s alot of work that will be needed in alot of different areas for all of that, so for now I say the interior is finished, on to props!
Edit: Note - the checker pattern on the ground is a placeholder for flashing lights if possible. I’m not sure the best way to tackle that one just yet, I’ll do some tests. Probably just separate them into random groups with actions that change emit colors at different rates, to a beat.

@QS: The idea of the task system is exactly that, that someone can make the bedrock of a large model/stage and others can step in and fill it up. Your work is perfectly in adherence with the spirit of it :wink: I will erect two tasks for added content (DJ area and bar supplies). And I’ll add some pillows to the booths myself :slight_smile:

Also, since both the club and the human rig/model are using the convention of name+number (Human2, Club3), I think I will see if that convention can make WIP models easier to handle, re: linking.

Edit: Also, Ecrivain asked for feature requests to the task system programming on the website. Please post any suggestions here, so we may collect them and let him play :wink:

Edit: Pillows added, and a camera+lamp for in-file rendering (not added to Club group):
Bar area
Dance floor

Suggestions on materials/textures? I am thinking dark wood for the booths (incl. table surface, but not leg, which I am thinking dull metallic?), light wood finish for the stage, and some shiny grey thing for the floor around the dance floor. The dance floor itself and the walls I still have no idea about. Maybe make the bar still dark but shiny, or a mahogny finish?

I am finally starting a real reorganization of the Dropbox. This includes adding the files I never added from early in the process, i.e. pre-Dropbox :o (the two cars and the pen).

There are now a couple of new folders, which things will be sorted into. Don’t worry about getting things in the wrong place, for the moment the organization is loose enough that someone (probably myself) can simply move things to where they need to be. Nonetheless:

  • Animation: In this folder, all end animation files will be placed. Currently, that would be the 22 shot pre-drafts. It is not a folder for everything animated, only for the final scenes that will be rendered. So if you animate a fistfight (there will be a short one, btw), it might go somewhere else. Only the complete scene in which it takes place is in the Animations folder. Future sub-folders will include collections of scenes that go together into ‘chapters’ (not in this project, but in future ones), and seperate folders for each short movie (I will do one for Ninja Deliveries).

  • Bodyshop: Currently, the human character, but anything character-like (monsters and animals, if we ever need them, even robots) goes in here. Subfolders will be made for character subfiles, like skin materials and textures for linking in, or wardrobes. Or bodyparts; the eye is in there now!

  • Gear: A bit nebulous still, but this is intended for machinery, tools and the like. Currently holds the cars, but guns, laptops, magic wands (just examples) would all go in here. Future subfolders will include categories of gear (vehicles, weaponry, etc.) and components (metallic textures, for example).

  • Locations are whole stage sets like the nightclub or the cabin. Current subfolders are for each stage set, but location categories are likely to be introduced later. Also, some subfolders for stage set components, like the trees and fountain.

  • SFX: Special effects. Basically, anything relying heavily on particles or simulators. Future subfolders for categories of effects, no doubt leaning towards “which simulation system did I use” kinds (fluids, particles, smoke), but I am not sure yet, because we have used so little of this.

I hope to establish a fairly stable structure of files, so we can easily use links in the future, even long after a project is done (“hey, you re-did that lightning stuff? Let’s try rendering that old short again that used lightning, see if it is better now, too!”).

Edit: I also just renamed NinjaDeliveries -> SoF Main. Projects will get their own folders under this header, to allow easier sharing of assetts across projects.

Hey, some feedback on the eyes. I suggest scaling only the iris/pupil area of the eye, not the whole eye. I’m working on a character myself and I had the same problem, I accidentally made the iris too big on the eyeball. :slight_smile:

I was thinking the floor would have techni color lights on the squares that would pulse to the music, similar to the glowing circles all over the walls. We’ll need a disco ball too :wink: that’s a necessity! The floor around the dance floor would probably be a light gray carpet, so people can see when they walk around on it. The bar would probably be mahogany, and have alot of warm/bright (comparably bright, since the club will be relatively dark) lights since it needs to stand out so people know where to get their drinks, I left the alcove in the back next to the booths open for a restroom, something that wasn’t in the floor plan but I thought would be a good idea.

I’ll have to check the new dbox when I get home. As for the fistfight, you’ve gotta keep him ball-tagging the guy! that’s hilarious! (of course whoever animates that has the final decision, but it really should be kept, just make it more ninja like and it’ll be awesome!)

I also, to be honest, liked the title “itty bitty blender comittee” - it’s probably to early to think about it, but if State of Flux is our studio, could ibbc be our animation department? just a thought, doesn’t make a difference until we start making more stuff.

SoF is the studio. IBBC is us :wink:

“Welcome to the State of Flux studios. The animation studio was created in 2010, when The Itty Bitty Blender Committee created the now legendary short Ninja Delivery Services.” :evilgrin:

@Denny: I think you may be right. I just don’t want to screw up the texture, which is the best part of that eye :slight_smile:

Well, I guess is up to me to resize it ;)…

Resized the eye (maybe a bit too small now :confused:)

Well, the truth is: I fooled you XD, The size of the Iris doesn’t actually affect the texture bacause, though it’s procedural, it’s UV mapped ;)…
Got that trick from a tutorial around here, but I can’t remember exactly who made it :frowning:

Well, here’s the new eye :o

I’ll check the new eye out soon (sounds creepy :D). I also think I am to blame for the size thing - I noticed the render of it you uploaded does not match the one I uploaded. I must have poked something that went pop :eek: Btw, does the eye have Emit? I had a render I forgot the lights in, but the eyes were bright as day :confused:

Anyway, I did a bit of reassembly on shot 11, the nightclub interior. I mainly did it to try out a real bit of file linking, and it seems to work (although proxies are weird… If I proxy an armature from a linked group, all animation is lost, and some kind of ‘shadow version’ of it stays in the group, but I can still control it via the proxy. I had to parent the proxy to the empty that defines the transformations (move, rotate, scale) of the group to make it follow along…). The result is here:

Still a lot of improvements to be done, but it’s sure showing progress :smiley:

Well, actually the first render I posted was & old one (before resizing). Originally it was made for another model wich had a more “anime” style & that’s why the pupils were so big XD…
& no, they don’t have any emit but I think the iris is set to shadeless ;)…

I found it, and tried inserting it, but still had some trouble with the size. A lot of very small tweaking later (I mean, changing individual percentages in size and placement of the iris), and I think I got it:

Now your eye texture can be seen in all its glory. the eye is not as anatomically correct now (iris is a bit too small), but the body and eye match. And he is a bit crosseyed because he is still looking at something less than an arms length away :slight_smile:

Regarding the emit/shadeless… try and render the eye in a dark scene. It looks really creepy, and really beautiful at the same time :smiley:

I am trying to make the skin better now, too, just so that it looks somewhere near as good as the eye texture. But I seem to have hit a bug in Blender that keeps erasing my textures :frowning:

So you actually got around to making this, I’m impressed :slight_smile:

If this is still going on after Dominance Wars 5 ends I will definitely help you out :smiley:

<oldman>What is Dominance Wars 5?</oldman>. Actually, I’d better go Google it, or the thread might derail :smiley:

Anyway, I spent the last few hours avoiding some paperwork. So after trying to hunt down a bug in Blender textures (partial success), I finally got to spend an hour or so on the character’s skin textures. This is what I got, 5 versions, by ‘race’ (technically, ‘Pale’ hardly counts as a race). In order of appearance: Dark, Tan, Light-tan, Fair, and Pale.

Although I love the dark skin and blue eyes (handsome fella, ain’t he), I think the light-tan fits the idea of ninja better. How about you folks?

The fix on the eyes definitely did the trick, much better!