Nintendo develops a way where you can just watch your games instead of playing them.;title

So now your dog, your desk lamp, or your newborn baby can beat Super Mario Bros. on the Wii, it is optional so if you want to get a popcorn and watch the game play itself you can, or if you’re like most gamers you can turn the mode off. I guess I see nothing wrong with this if it means games in the future will still have plenty of challenge.

Great link CD! I saw some advertisments for the DS . … they are quite cool too!

Does no one appreciate that feeling of ‘accomplishment’ when you get through a tricky part of a game anymore??

This just takes the fun and reward out gaming in my opinion.
Its just the easy way out, for lazy gamers…

I dislike.

Nintendo ain’t the first one. Alone in the Dark also has such a system. That won’t say the system sucks :confused:.

that sounds dumb. Lazy people is what it’s for.