Nintendo WII compat. with GameCube

I found out that you can play GameCube games with nintendo wii, but i was wondering if you can use the wii controlers, or if you had to use the gamecube controllers.

I’m pretty sure you have to use the GameCube controllers, as these are going to be compatible with the Wii anyways.

arent the WI controlers fully weireless???

in my opinion there would be no point of integrating the gamecube game into the WI and then forsing the player to use the old controller, the Wi controlelrs are simmilar acsept for the layout, and they are motion sensative

One word: Wavebird

yeah seriously. I’m psyched I can use the two wavebirds I got. not only that but the virtual console supports its own custom gamepad more like a SNES controller (the pinnacle of gaming controller perfection - ripped off from here to next tuesday. dual shock is basically a glorified SNES controller)

STELLA - it will fit. nintendo has said as much.

I dont think the wavebird’s reciever will fit where the gamecube controller ports are located on top of the Wii. I dont remember if the ports are recessed or if they’re flush with the top of the unit when the flaps are opened.