Nintendo Zapper Light Gun

For quite awhile, I had been working on a 3d model of a Nintendo Zapper Light Gun, but never finished. I’ve decided to pick it back up however, and here’s what I have so far.

Below are some basic renders along with a reference image.


look a bit plain, give it a plastic material with some textures and I will say GREAT :slight_smile:

You’ve got a reference image, why don´t you use it?
Without overlaying them I can see that your gun has a too small trigger, a too long barrel, a too thin grip.
But that´s fixed in minutes =)

Do you plan to model the holes and the screws out or just texture it?

I didn’t use the reference image, beacause I used the real gun. I own like 5 of them and I’m working on the mistakes. These pictures are terrible now that I look at them, and im working towards some better renders.

I think what arexma means is that you got the side picture of the gun you own, why not use it as a background image in blender?(hint hint you should do that)

Are you making the wire too? What about the console?

Gd luck!

I have no patience for arexma. He is condesending and I’ve asked him many times to leave me alone yet he refuses. I will not accept his advice until he gets off his little crucade to “better” my knowledge and just helps me like a normal person.

Even though he might be condescending, he was right though, at least for that comment, i have never seen your other posts, so please dont hate me now :P. I dont think you should completely ignore people you dont like, because even though they might have those unlikable traits, they might have good, and useful ideas. But that is just my opinion.

Aaaanyway… i hope you make it right, and i would love to see it textured.
Best of luck to ya!

Ok, so I went back and I think I’ve fixed the problems I had previously.

I know it has some problems, but I’m working towards fixing them.


Bump Nice work, did you ever get it textured? Did you try to do the console? I’m working on the whole kit with the controllers and game cassettes at the moment, but I’m new to 3d modeling so it’s a rather slow process… :slight_smile:

Nah, i had to quit making it. I’ve started a new film project that takes all my time :stuck_out_tongue: but the film is going to be epic so i dont mind devoting alot of timw to it