Nirwana (full 3D musicvideo)

Made in blender. The flares and collor-corection I did in FCP.
Because I hate rendertime, I tried to keep it low poly.
Wonder what you blenderheads guys think of my project.

The song is about a loved couple on their way to heaven.

Nice color balance and camera centring!
Lights and gestures are really working well with the short’s thema.
Personnaly like it.

Thx. Glad you like it.

I forgot to tell I did the whole project just in 2 weeks as a sideproject. This is because the artist letted me know very late he needed an animated videoclip.

I didn’t make scetches & storyboards and stuff. Just out of the lose pols.

This is why it aint perfect. Especially the animation and the character modeling got some loos ends.

But I’m still very happy with the results

To be creative is always a plus in anybodies life.
You’ll do it, i’m sure!
Go ahead! :wink:

lowpoly was a very good choice. i especially enjoyed the tree, how it looked.
it could’ve been pushed even further in the style i think. now it’s good as it is, (maybe some more work with lighting) but also leaves you with a tingling thought "what would’ve it looked with even more simplification and stylishing)…

the lyrics i don’t understand, but it was very nice to listen the flow of them. haven’t heard of dutch rap before…

oh, and the story… i think the ending was a bit standard. instead of showing how they are climbing to the heaven, and entering the gate literally, i would’ve showed just how deep their love is and how they come together, and merge, forming their own world and future… and then if you must, you show the decadent side of it how they both died.

ohwell, going to watch it couple of times again. the song sort of sticks… :slight_smile:


Thx man. Great idea. I seriously thinking about pushing this style further. Like maybe leave some limbs or so. It’s realy hard to get a smooth knee and shoulder in lowpoly. That may be the first to leave.
Already thinking off a cool die hard concept. Maybe I’ll let someone else think of that, because story’s are my soft spot. I’m realy glad about the tree to. It realy stands out. With this style I can focus more on light, composition and coloring wich I like better. Animation must be perfect to maintain expressions tho.

Their album is out now. It got real nice
Download it for free.

Very nice, animation is great
The music really pulled it all together
Good job keep it up

I really liked the blocky art style. Clean renders, Clean shaders, Nice and clean.