Or Nessie.

I have tried interior and may post something later - as I am not at home but on vacation - but in the mean time I decided to try my hand at Nessie.

A bit about myself - I have done blender for about 6 months, entirely self taught, and have never done digital beforehand. I am a skilled hand at artwork period - drawings, sketches, sculptures, etc., but…

I have a few things to fix on the head as I was using a skeleton to model so it doesn’t quite leave much for the muscle / flesh idea and adding the teeth… hassle.

You’re off to a much better start than I was…=D It looks pretty good, you could add some muscle definition via sculpting, or you could go with a cartoony look. Either one would work. Also, if you can’t get the teeth to look good, you could remodel the head with a sort of a beak, as an idea. But do whatever you like.


I am playing around with sculpting. I probably won’t really get into it till later - cause not sure how slow the computer will go.

Basic coloring