Nishita sun and Light groups?

If you are using the Nitishita node with Sun in the World shader node editor, is there a way to add that Sun to the light group for compositing later? or light groups only work with Blender viewport lights?

I think the entire world (sky and sun) can be added to a group. If you want the sun separate it would have to be a sun lamp object I think.

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Very true. I was hoping someone found a workaround that could allow adding only the nishita sun but I don’t think it is possible.

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I think there’s a sun position addon of some kind that lets you link a sun object to the nishita sky so you can turn off the sun in the sky settings and still get the right sunset colors automatically from the sun object. I don’t know if it’s the one that ships with blender or something else.


I turned off the sun in the Nishita sky node and added a sun light to the scene instead. Was able to replicate the sun the exact same way.

Thanks for the help. Is it the Lighting Sun position addon you are talking about?