Nissan 300 Zx W.i.p

Now i want to show my progress in Blender,using tutorial for MAX:) :eek: .
It will be great to hear some comments abot work,and like to hear your opinion.:slight_smile:

it looks great

however, i think that the windshield and the upper body of the cab r placed 2 far back

just my opinion

Keep it up, that’s a good start.

yup great work keep it up.

How I can make a “rubber-line” in Blender?What method i must use to make that line like on pictures down?

How can make that creases and edge ?What method i must use?

if you mean the treads on tires( i cant see ur pix or some reason) then you can look for some free textures. there are tons of these textures, you just have to find them(i cant remember any sites off the top o my head). good luck man

No,that,you must see pictures to understand my question.

I have some progress about my car modelling Nissan,and want to show you,and hear some comments.I know its not much,but for now i reach to that point whit modelling.