Nissan 300ZX [UPDATE: 3/18/06]

My first car didn’t turn out too well, so I’m starting a second. Hopefully this time (with the help of your critiques and comments) I will be able to highly improve my car modelling, for both this project and future ones. This time I’m trying a new method of modelling. What I have done is extrude and form the basic outline of the car, and then use cuts to put in any type, shape or form of detail. I have been working on it for two days now. I’ve got to hurry off today so I did a quick and dirty render of the car:


Sorry, but I was in a hurry. Tommorrow I will post updated and bettter renders plus wireframes. Until then, I will welcome any type, shape, or form of useable critique.



As I promised, an update. I have worked on it more and am now posting wireframes. I would really like crits on this.

Materials Test:


Wireframe Front:

Wireframe Side:

Wireframe Top:

Once again, please take the time to post some C&C. I really want this to turn out good.



Hey Lando, nice car thus far. Here are my suggestions:

  1. The bottom edges of the fender above where the tire goes (wheel well?) look a little bit to sharp. Also the front bumper edges look a little sharp.

  2. Well, you do have that crease down the middle. :wink: JK.

  3. The pieces on the two sides that support the windshield look a little thin, IMO, and the top piece directly above the windshield looks like it curves inward in a strange way.

Hope these help.


p.s. Are you going to model the interior? :smiley: That’d be awesome.

its a great vehicle if u are making a video game!!

just need better lighting and obviously…wheels seets (interior)

Thanks for the comments.

DwarvenFury: I didn’t quite get where you’re saying the edges are too sharp. Are you talking about the wheel holes? I will start working on your comments right away.

eQuilibrium: Well this is not a videogame model and it needs a lot more than better lighting and wheels. Sorry if this is offensive at all, but I didn’t find your comment helpful.

I’m really working on materials right now and have absolutly no idea about how to make the headlights look good, or even how to go about making them. I also would like some advice on how to go about modelling the interior. These were my two worst areas of my last car and I want to improve upon it this time. Oh, yeah. And I’ll probably post some reference pics in the near future along with an update, but you can probably just google it. Both my blueprints and main reference pic are the 1990 model but there are a few cases where I decided to switch things around.

Thanks for the help,


the shape of your headlights is not quite right

the front of the car is way off also…(symetrically) as in the shape

Hey everyone. I’m still alive, for those of you who remember me (probably very little). I hadn’t blendered in a long time (about a half year) and just picked back up on it…

Anywyas, I decided to work on finishing this project. Here’s a newer pic:

I think the model is pretty much done, so I’m moving on to materials. The above was rendered in YafRay in about a minute.

Btw, something I forgot to mention before. This car is sort of a mix between the ZX from several different years. So its a little different. If you search the internet, you can find images with the headlights like mine, ect. I think the model closest to my representation is the 1990 model, which was the reference image I used whilst modelling. You can find a pic of this model here.

C&C please,


still the headlights are kinda weird imo. perhaps it is realisitic and is the way it should look, but imo they look off. not only the shape, there doesn’t seem to be anything but a white thing, we should be able to see the actual lamps and stuff. and for the render, don’t use the hdr, that looks awfull. it also looks like the sidewindow is wrong, it’s colour is weird and the shape looks like it is not connected to the car. do you have door handles?

hey i own a 300zx the top area where the front window goes is not suppoed to be angled like that its more of a smooth curve and also the lights are also a but bigger and if you want you i can get you pictures of my 300zx so you can compare other than thats its coming out awesome keep it up

congrats on passing

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