Nissan 350z by skovvi

Now I need to make some details (rear ligts :p)… then rest of the scene…

That looks real :o that is one of the coolest cars i have seen made in blender

very nice work,the tyres need some more details.

p.s:Strongbad ever wached speedtiti works? :slight_smile:

Looks awsome but the edges are doing something weird. I have had that problem but I dont know how to fix it.

i know this is your firs post but shurly not your first work that great welcome to elysiun

Well… This is not my first work in Blender… But it’s my first car in Blender :)…
I’m learning this awesome tool for about a year…

Very nice work. Im not sure what it is, but the image looks blurry. I think using a yafray render wih a hdri probe would do your model justice, which is pretty good for a first car. Seems like you got the trick of the transition from sharp to smooth with subsurf, which a lot of people dont pick up on.

looks too dark for some parts, and put more OSA.

Modeling lok great, you had to change the car shader, too reflect :slight_smile:

nice work.

Nice, more renders please :smiley:

Oh. man… I need to rest for a few days now… When I’m doing sth for 11 hours then … Geezzz :o Hehehe… I think I could fly :stuck_out_tongue:

NICE WORK would you like to write a tutorial on how you did the headlights?


Post inspired by me hehehee

:stuck_out_tongue: nice more more more more :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Hm… well… Blueprints are helpful with that :wink: But ok … I can write sth about that …

what blue print did you use?

I think there should be a small commpetition for all these 350’s that are popping up.

Very nice work so far.