Nissan 350Z help with Vinils

Hello! This is my car. (it is test render, that’s why I didn’t switched on OSA)
But I wanna put vinils (Picture) on the body…:frowning: But I can’t

Sorry, I mean Vinyls

you could do it the cheap way and jus add a plane or something and subdivide and shape until u got the desired shape of the vinyl lol

few things:


you will probably want to uv map them

but first, make them

in an image edititor (or vector graphics app) photoshop or adobe illustrator or the gimp will do

save them as a png with a transparent background

next, uv map

you either want to press texface for your materials, or create image textures mapped using uv coordinates, using the textures you created, and applied to the color. You may choose to go further with this method by making the texture a stencil texture and adding further texture channels which affect the raymir value, spec value, hard value to make the vynl regions look different.

Some people are confused into thinking that the image loaded in the UV editing window is the only one that can show, and that’s what the texface button does. It is also possible to get the same effect by loading a texture map and selecting “UV” as the wrapping method in the object buttons, and allowing it to affect color values with the “col” button.

You could only unwrap the parts of the car you want the stencils on, and be sure the other UV coords are off of the map in the UV image window. Saves a TON of work.

Next, draw over them in photoshop or Gimp or whatever you use… you can use file - export - UV Coords to get a skeleton for which to draw over.

Now go to your material buttons and create a new texture, in the topmost button, selecting “Image” as the type. Load your image and go back to the material buttons. On the right, there are some tabulated buttons. In the center tab, you select whether to globally wrap, etc… choose UV. Now the UV map will be wrapped over the car and you can still use procedural materials too.

Never done it, but it should work. I’ll test it now.


It works. Be sure to click the alpha button when you load the image as well to be sure it recognizes the transparency.

I used the UV export feature in 2.33a. Check out images under July 15, 2004.

In face select mode select polygons you want to export. For a car, one of the orthogonal views works best (left, top, front, etc). In another window use Shift+F10 to show UV mapping window. Position and scale the uv coordinates so they fit the image. Then use File/Export/UV Face Layout to launch the export script and follow the instructions. Then use GIMP or Photoshop to create a texture on top of the exported image.

[EDIT] Exported image is a Targa.