Nissan 350Z (New paint job + Vinyl See Page 2)

The original post went dead as I didn’t have any time to work on this second model for over 2 months. Any how, here’s an update. Please see The first two images are those of the wheels/brakes.

If the above link doesn’t work you can also view the page at

Fantastic mesh there. No crits at all.


Finally got around to adding tire treads, spoiler, radiator and tailpipes. Also added a thatched mesh-like part on the front bumber to hide the simplicity of the radiator.

Please see the first 3 images at:

Apart from the lighting feel free to let me know if anything seems out of place.

If the above link doesn’t work you can also view the page at

How are the decals coming along?

Hmm, weird, the link doesn’t work for me. :-? ’


shbaz: I’m waiting to finish modeling the car first; I have to finish a few more things. I do have plans for creating my own graphics because I just purchased a WACOM tablet :smiley: and hopefully I can get those creative juices flowing!

Antiggo: I’m sorry about the links. The server is pretty crappy. You can view the page here as well I’m looking for a reasonably priced ASP host and I’m planning on moving all my stuff to host that’ll allow hotlinking.

More updates: Mirrors and Door Handles
See the first 3 images here
OR here

Almost there… can’t wait to begin materializing… errr putting materials on this model.

This is progressing very nicely.

Not sure I like the tires, but they can be modelled again later.


Ah, the link works now, thanks.

Very good mesh, but I don’t really like the wheels. Also, for non material renders I’d suggest to turn off spec completely, it woild look beter that way. Once again, awesome mesh, very clean. Can we see a wireframe?

Really great job so far, you really have to continue with that.


Woah! nice job, I luv that car model. keep it up! :smiley:

Antiggo: Thanks, I’ll post a few wireframe images on Monday. Sadly, I don’t have internet connection at home so I have to do this from work. Also, what part of the wheels don’t you like? The treads is an obvious problem but other than that can you be more specific.

BgDM: I kept bald tires for some time and made an attempt at adding treads using some subsurfed cubes. I’m not sure how to add them correctly. Is there a better way of doing this? I’ll make an attempt at creating bump or displacement map for the treads instead of using subsurfed cubes; I’ll do it once I finish all pending modelling tasks.

.:[email protected]:.: Thanks for the comment.

I appreciate all your feedback guys, I’ll be working on this model through the weekend and hopefully post some more images on Monday.

Here are some wireframe (edit mode with shading) images:

I didn’t put everything in because I’ve modelled several parts in a separate layer and it would be cumbersome to go through all.

If you guys want to see the actual wireframe (not edit mode) let me know and I’ll post it later.

I have a question for some of you experienced artists: Do I need to add more details to the headlights? Currently, the headlight lamps are not modelled. Is there a way I can create some material that hides this fact?

Very clean modeling, but the door handle is rather strange and the corners on the lights must be more rude, they’re too smooth

I changed the door handles yesterday; they were massive. I was unable to post a picture. I’ll get something later during the day.

Tired of modelling, I started working on the materials. There’s close to a million vertices. Used internal raytracer, OSA 8. The render time was roughly 15-20 minutes; I couldn’t find the total time anywhere in blender.

See the first image at:

I modelled the headlight assembly and added materials for them. It looks half-decent. What do you guys think?

See first image on the following pages:

hi, I think that you have some errors in your modeling. here is my version:

Thats a good model; but it appears theres a lot of custom stuff like the hood, side skirts, bumpers. Could you be a bit more specific as to what is wrong?

add something dark behind the grill cause you can see through to the ground! Nice work!

Prince: I just did that render with the body and headlights so it would get done quickly.

Here’s a couple of renders of the front and back. I remodelled the headlight assembly so it looks a little better; could be better. I’ve added materials for the markers, license plate, rear lights, etc.

See first two images at: