Nissan 350z(Project: "Orange Devil")


this is my firt post here, although i have read this forum for a long time i hadnt had enything to post here…:slight_smile:

So here is my latest project:

It was modeled and rendered in 2.42

i didnt aim for realism, just for a fun projekt to do…

The bodykit was inspired by “DK”-s 350Z from Dokyo Drift…
also this car was kinda test project to get to know the new material node editor

I hope you like it :slight_smile:

Some other pictures that sometimes people whant to see;):

Hey, thats about the coolest car Iv seen made with blender :smiley:
very creative work and superb modelling and I also like the colors of this car…

Im quite fed up with all Ferrari modenas or BMW Zs so this was a nice fresh breeze among all these car models :smiley:

once again superb job

holy **** thats freaking awesome man. maybe a few crease could be sharper but apart from that, well done man. hope to see more cars from ya soon :smiley:

smacking good!!!:cool: keep up the good works

Oh man. I’d spend a fricken week on the mirror alone! Funkadelic model.

Great model , the details are awesome

oh my God!!

that is sweeet!! nice work!! :slight_smile:

hey Max Evil,
about the model, its awesome, very neatly detailed,
coming to the render, its not doing justice to the model at all, you need to work up some other setup to show all your hard work … (its just my point of view)

cheers mate

great work! I’d like to see some other angles if possible, like from the ground in front of it and behind too - :slight_smile:

Shi** you amaze me
spoiler, front bumper, back bumper, hood scoope, chrome rims, wide body kit, venyls, decals, beutiful color!
you rock your gooad at materials and modelling
only one crit the decal pioneer is on the black background which has curves
also i lovew that movie the only problem was it was too short i couldnt get enough

Very nice modeling, although the lighting could be better.

wow, its like 1… 2… almost 3 month since i posted this

i was reeealy busy, so i didnt have time to replay

im glad you liked it,
i know the rendering isnt THE best, but my current machine sets its limitations and i dont want to make realy long renders, i need my computer to do other thigs too…:slight_smile:

maybe some day you will see it in an animation

so tnx

hello max evil -> how u make the model? with mesh, surface or curve? can u give me the direction to build the model?
i usualy make a room-interior model


coming to the render, its not doing justice to the model at all

In short, I agree.

Amazing model and very very nice render.

The front of the hood (near the front bumper) isn’t very smooth. The wire-frame agrees. Is this supposed to be this way?

Picture looks a bit underlit for my critic.

w00t tere tulemast!
havn’t browsed this part of the forum so much lately!
lol when i just opened this thread and saw this render i just thought “i have seen this somewhere else” now i can quess it was the c3dmotion forum (estonian 3d forum)
(btw i can render the img for you if you realy have that old pc)

Great work :wink: