Nissan 350z

Hello, I modeled this car, and now I want to get very good render… But I have the problems with realistic…:frowning:
Here is my render:

hé good work :smiley:

Set the refinement of the cache path light to 0.1

show us more :wink:

woooooooooooow !!! :o

splendid !

i like it

Whew…the model looks awesome but the crazy reflections make it a bit tough to look at. You definately need to put this in a scene!


WOW !!!

this is beautiful !!! show us more pics plz!!! and a high res plz… I want a new desktop :slight_smile:

that is awesome. cant wait to see the final

That looks fantastic, the only thing you should adjust is the wheels… they’re a bit toy-like.

Also, try turning wheels the other way… well, it’s more of my personnal prefference, hehe


Dude the only thing no realistic are the tires. They are too dull, almost fake metal looking. Very good attention to detail.

That would be the wheel, and not the tires.

The tires also however lack realism… they’re totally black, which isn’t true to real life. You should probably model in both the treads and the lettering (Goodyear or whatever) as well as those small spiky rubber things that are always sticking out of the side of new tires (because of the fashion that tires are made in). Detail is key.

There are easier ways to model the tread than to do it all manually, you can do only part and then use the spin tool to do the rest.

When I first saw this car at an exposition I thought it was the best sport car in the entire place (out of literally thousands of new cars).

YEAH!!!your style is off the the hook yo!

I second that… more pics! :smiley:

gimme MORE!!!

I was oggling it some more and noticed that there aren’t any windshield wipers, unless they hide behind the scoop or something.

Thank you, I don’t know why do you think that it is realistic…

Here are some renders:

Didn’t understand you… Where is it?

You can set it in the yafray setting in blender for the full method.

oh, I forgot to say that render time of the first render was 43 hours!
here’s 1280x1024 resolution…

Thank you, guys.

seems to me you can see trough… you can see trough the grid an see the wheel. there isn’t any enginer imo … but still… very nice !!!