Nissan 350Z

My first completed Blender scene! Finally! This was basically a “learn Blender step-by-step” project, so it took a couple months of baby steps and trial by error to figure everything out. I’m glad it’s done- now I can hopefully move on to some more creative projects.
Thanks for looking!

Looking great at least what we can see of it. Add some more lightning to bring out the model better. I assure you it deserves it :yes:

I agree with musk. Add a backlight. And is a render in Yafray possible? I think it may yield better results.

Thanks for the suggestions, guys. I was trying to hide the plain background with darkness to cover up the fact that I didn’t spend much time modeling it.:o As for Yafray, I read that it doesn’t support transparent shadows, and I was afraid the area under the headlight glass wouldn’t be rendered properly. Here’s a brighter render, with a slightly different paint color:

that this rocks!!! great job! btw nice rims! lol

Excellent job. Great rims and brakes. My only comment: the window behind the door is slightly too angular and squarish at the rear top corner. This fools the eye (at least mine) into believing that the entire car is more “blocky” than it really is. Take a quick look at the real 350Z and you’ll see what I mean.

Otherwise, a big thumbs up here. I look forward to seeing more cars from you. :wink:

Edit: I did a quicky retouch so you see what I mean:

Much better. Love the metallic paint!

Yeah- you’re totally right about that! I don’t know why I overlooked that detail. Oh well.


Can u help me to found the lesson ???

can you give me a TUT about decalling a car?