Nissan 390 GTI WIP

(pafurijaz) #1

My new work :smiley:

New Beetle Wip
My old cars

(BgDM) #2

Excellent star. I love GT cars. They are the coolest looking out of all race cars ever.

Keep it up and lets see some wheels! Also, don’t forget the little details, like the windshield wiper and the windshield hold downs, etc. That will make this model rock.

I made a Jaguar XJR 9LM GT car a while back. Go here


(sten) #3

coool, when done, render it in a super external render 8)

(bmax) #4

damn, you beat me to it…i wanted to say that! :smiley:

good work, i have a friend who’d love to see that (he’s a car freak - how boring… :stuck_out_tongue: ) well, yes, excellent model, however, it needs a proper texture badly!

(pafurijaz) #5

Thanks to all I make models for the community. I hope that job is useful

(MikeDough2) #6

Nice one. What are the material settings for the car? Did u use a texture?

(pafurijaz) #7

No texture map only Blender material

(blengine) #8

the modeling on the red car looks flawless! awesome job!

(pafurijaz) #9