Nissan GT-R

Here is another sportcar made by me. I haven`t managed to achieve everything I want, but I am anyway satisfied with the final result.
The driver is actually me:)
Rendered with LuxRender, postprocessed with Photoshop.
Hope you like it!

It’s quite realistic (even if I don’t like very much the overall lighting) :wink: I never tried Luxrender, but I’ll give it a try asap!

This is kind of old photo style.
Here is the render without this filter. Maybe you`ll like it more:)

It’s a nice shot, I’d prefer the last one. Composition wise I think the right side of the image is a bit empty.

Yes, I think this one is better :wink: Good work!

You got inside your computer?! Like in Tron?:eek:

Seriously though, it’s a terrific job of modeling and rendering. Nice work.

Steve S

Yep! :smiley:

Thanks everyone for replies. I`m glad you like my work:)

Luxrender is a BRILLIANT render engine… it is still my favorite despite the extra ins and outs.i think your paint shader could use some work. try glossy with an IOR of 1.75 (might need to play around with this based on color but only go down, no higher.) and change roughness to exponent and set the value to 100,000. if you want you could even do a mix of specs to armbend flakes. over all it looks good though. clean reflections, so clean topo. good work

Not to be annoying but there is a weird crease above the wheel

thats a reflection i think.

Oh ok. It just looked odd.

@alexandr samson How did you model the empty bit at the front of the car behind the front wheel

Double up sorry

dude this composition has now inspired me to go for an outdoor render, i once attempted a highway tunnel scene but failed terribly and went back to studio shot. but this looks awesome. yeah i can give a critique that lighting around the side is not very effective,
i know this type of renders like as possible natural lighting as possible, but it’s in 3d world and you can mess with it. btw i see the other side of roads has no lights?(visible in reflections of the car).

Is the environment also done or you have placed the car inside the environment?