Nissan GT-R

Hello everyone!
My name is “McGee33” . Why McGee? Because I’m a fan of NCIS :slight_smile: . I’m a french young man so I’m sorry if my english is not perfect (google translate is not a good reference :smiley: )
This is my first post on this forum. I have discovered this forum since a few months without registering. But now I did it:)!

So, I have started a Nissan GT-R a few months ago. The exterior of the car is almost finished and I will do an interior not very detailed.

That’s where I am:

There is some little mistakes but they will be fixed soon.

Hi everyone!
Not a big advanced this time. I especially concentrated on the lighting and the improvement of some shaders.
This is the result:

For the last render, I didn’t change the lighting so the reflections are not very nice

What do you think?

Hello mcgee33 for a first attempt at car modelling certainly not bad. But car modelling isn’t the easiest thing to do. What instantly comes to my mind when seeing this picture: the roof is not alright. It looks edgy in the middle and back where the original got a smooth, curved surface transiting roof to back.
The next thing are the spaces, they seem to be off ( look at the trunk deck, there it is pretty obvious)

I hope I could help a bit