Nissan GTR 2008



Hello guys :slight_smile:
This is my first everr post on here!
This is my take on the Nissan GTR, this is still not done but i would like to know what you guys think of the current state of the car.
Still WIP
Critiques are welcome :smiley:

(remib) #2

hi, it’s a very good model, maybe the bottom of the car could have more details or a different material, just to make it more realistic… it would be easier to critic with some other views or a wire… see you on b.a


Thanks for your reply :DD
I do agree that the materials of the bottom part are not realistic and i was planning of making a carbon fiber material but still thinking about it.
Anyways here are the wireframe:

(remib) #4

thanks for the views, it’s a very good work as i know it’s really difficult to produce the “perfect wire” i can’t do it better ;), all the best…!

(pixelgrip) #5

Hi,on the first view its look good,but on a more detailed view, there a small parts missing.

starting with the front window,you havent modelled the frame of the window,that should be have depth into the car,where the wipper is.
the rear wing /spoiler seems to have some mesh issues at the top outside part.
the side windows at the B pillar are allways slightly curved/bend outwards,yours are straight line.
additional.the upper rubber frame at the side windows are missing.
the hood and front part/bumper transition are not smooth rounded.
i am not sure but the bumper/fender transition at the lamp seems incomplete.
the front part splitter looks almost straight,not sure i guess the real car, is slightly curved here.
the rear bumper,the grey part seems to pinching out a bit.

other than that the tyres looking good,the overall look is not bad,but thats the tiny things i noticed.

we have to see the reference foto for better comparsion


@remib thank you :))
@pixelgrip waw i didnt notice all those mistakes, thanks a lot and i will begin fixing them asap.


hello again

did some more work but still didnt fix all the little mistakes

here are some new renders :DDD


Another render :smiley:

(Eric Fondane) #9

look really good :slight_smile: I would invest a bit more time in the render-env though. A nice studio setup would be cool!

4k Ultra HD high resolution exterior & interior car blueprints |


Thank you :smiley:
I actually am working on a different environment :))