Nissan GTR 3 WIP

this i my first attempt at modelling a car from blueprints. Started with the standard model and customising it to suit. Started working on tyres and brake discs and headlights. Any thoughts and improvements welcome


You’re doing a good job for your first car with blueprints.

Can you show us a wire? Are you going to extrude the edges inward where the seprate pieces come together? Also, the edge or crese above the front tire needs to be sharper and more defined.

thanks for the comment i’m sort of midway through this one kinda started to stagnate so i moved on the mustang but hoping to come back to it soon i’ve extruded in the edges still working out some issues with the mesh, but i did do a quick (term used very loosely) mess around in luxrender and this is what i have so far


Needs a few loop-cuts here and there to define and sharpen some edges but other than that your doing a splendid job. Very well done.

thanks :slight_smile: yeah hopefully i’ll get to it soon

Fixed some of the edges
Made the car longer
Added a new trim
new material


There were too many issues with the original mesh the normals and generally ugly topology so I’ve decided yo start again hopefully improving on the first one. Also I’m modelling everything as separate pieces so I should get cleaner lines and cuts.

This is what I have so far any comments and critiques welcome

This is the most recent render now left with the wing and some minor details like badges. i’m like how this is turning out
Any comments and imporvements welcome;)

hey guys, I’ve been away from this project for a little while now and now im starting on a scene for this model

The basic premise for this a race and two cars taking a hair pin turn

the two cube represent where i basically want the cars to be but this isn’t final
Still working on grass particles not used to this new build of blender yet
still have more details to add like fencing and maybe a grandstand

your thoughts?

Love it. Why not trying to use a HDRI map? I bet it will look awesome!

somethings I would do to your car to go from okay to wow that looks like the real thing

  1. I would sharpen some edges, two edge loops cut close together will do this, areas to watch out for would be wheel well and around the bumper

  2. you need to take you car to the panel beaters, its boring work but slap on a shiny grey material and than rotate and view your car from many angles, consult photos as well where you see bumps and pinches sort them out don’t slack and do a half hearted job sort them out.

  3. study panel gaps on a real car the are not all the same, some are false the are just little trenches to add interest to the car, some are big around things that are articulated and some are small.

  4. details sell car renders go that extra mile and make sure things look exactly like the should. You are not making a car from Pixar’s Cars you are trying to model something that looks real.Detail, detail

Right now I think your biggest issuer is bumps you need to spend time and sort that out