Nissan GTR Rocket Bunny

Here is a render of a W.I.P project of mine.

i need some critiques of how i can make the scene look more “Full” and more realistic. i imagined some antenas in the background and stuff.

the chrome texture on the hood is not projected right, its stretched on the edge, also the puddles should have a more blurred or irregular edges, they are not mixing good with the dry places,

use more detailed maps / ground materials, that will “fill” your scene too :slight_smile:

basically what i see is that car paint material looks plastic and the carbon fiber hood dosnt look right
good work btw i hope i can get to ur level to be able to model a car

I agree with the materials of the paint and carbon fiber. The other major composition issue is the top of the concrete wall, behind the car, terminates that the roof of the car. This does not allow for a good silhouette and competes for space with the car. I would get rid of the wall so the shape of the car is more visible. Then maybe add a cityscape skyline in the background.

The ground could use better puddles and a displacement/normal map. It also looks a bit blurry. Try looking for a higher resolution texture or reduce the size, then use CrazyBump to make a bump map. Look on BlenderGuru for how to do the puddles. I would also recommend incorporating the bump map into the puddle shape for even more realism.

Other than that, it’s awesome!