Nissan Murano - WIP

Hello hello! New project! This time it’s a car :wink: This is my first try at vehicle modelling and am learning lots already. As always, C&C are welcome and much appreciated :yes:

Here’s my progress so far.


Some work on the back hatch:


Started on the doors…


looks good, im currently trying to learn to make cars, hope i can get them to look that good, cant wait to see your finished product.

Thanks Rflagg! Good luck on your own car projects!

Did some work on the rear passenger door, fender and bumper. There’s a bunch of things that aren’t smooth enough or don’t line up…but I plan to model everything first then go over everything and tweak it :slight_smile:


good but bad choice of car

Thanks, but why do you say that? I’ve actually never seen anyone on this forum model an SUV so to be unique (and because I like the car) this is my choice.

Coming along very well. I find it refreshing that it’s not a Camaro or Mustang. If decided to do so, the textures could make it just as sporty (lol, FLAMES! or make it a demo car). All the same, the work is looking good so far!

I find it refreshing that it’s not a Camaro or Mustang.
My thoughts exactly. Not that Camies or Mustangs aren’t cool, they are and I may model one some time, but as a fist car project, I wanted to do something different :slight_smile:

Small update, we have a roof now :yes:


yeah it is different but you could have done a serioous suv ratther than a crossover
but it is your choice after all
best of luck

looks good, Robo! :smiley:

do you think you could post some wires? kinda curious about how you model one of these… I’ve never modeled a car except during Jonathan Williamson’s Porsche tutorial series - and I accidentally deleted the car in the *.blend without even realizing, all that’s left is the wheel - but I have a car project planned for sometime in the future, so…

anyway, there’s something I noticed that might be because of the angle of the snapshots, but there seems to be something slightly weird about the front where the fender goes and the side of the car near the rims, they look strange… maybe it’s just my eyes. :stuck_out_tongue:

good luck :smiley: definitely going to be watching this project…

I like crossovers :yes: I chose the Murano because of it’s outward appearance. It looks nice :smiley:

Here’s a wire shot. I am no expert at this so please don’t use my first car modelling attempts as “the correct method”. I actually would appreciate some crits on my topology.

Nope not just your eyes, there was definitely something wrong there :confused: Thanks for pointing it out…it’s fixed now.

Yay :smiley: thank you!


looks good! :smiley: there were a few spots that I wondered why edge loops were present, but after looking at them for more than 10 seconds they made more sense :wink: looks nice and smooth, but sharp too - another proof that cars are a mix between soft-body and hard-body modelling, I guess…

there’s one thing I notice, though considering my very limited experience at modelling cars I might be forgetting to take some points into account, but above the front wheel rim there seem to be a lot of edge loops. maybe there are some you could remove without actually changing the shape, might help make everything easier to manage? :slight_smile: I’ve been doing that in my current project, it’s helped a lot.

from what I can see, though, it looks very clean, and very good topology :smiley:

EDIT - I’m re-reading what I wrote, I sound like a much more experienced modeler than I actually am, lol, so don’t take this too seriously :stuck_out_tongue:

Gonna look sweet once it gets tires =P Must be very busy on it, haven’t heard a peep from Robo >.<

Hey everyone! I have not forgotten about this project…just haven’t had a lot of time to blend lately! But I’ve been doing some topo cleanups (removing unnecessary edgeloops etc). Here’s the rough draft of the new cleaned up version. I’m aiming to finish a rough of the whole exterior of the vehicle, then go over again and refine all the edgeloops, smooth it all out, sharpen a few things etc…

Anyways, here it is:


looks awesome! :smiley: looks like a good mesh structure too

this looks fantastic!

Flames AND Monster truck tyres / suspension! lol.

Heres hoping we get another update soon :slight_smile:

Yay back to this project after a long time of distractions. More topo cleanups on the front parts :smiley:

Front is mostly complete now. I’m thinking of doing tires next :yes:

looking pretty cool! :smiley: