Nissan Murano

This is a continuation/second start of my Nissan Murano project (which I started about a year ago and worked on sporadically until the model was a mess). So I’ve started again with a whole different approach to car modelling which seems to be working so far.

3D outline of the vehicle.

Next is filling the shapes.


Nice grill.
How did you do the outline. That seems like a very good idea to start off models - like a 3D sketch.

Do make a 3D outline you simply extrude out edges along the ‘seams’ of your reference images. (the places where the metal plates come together.) And of course, you’ll need to constantly work back and forth between your front and side refs to make sure every edge gets in the right place. Once you have this outline, the next step (in my approach) is to fill in the empty spaces and make a solid model. (no ‘seams’) This lets you focus on getting your topology clean and smooth (that was my biggest problem in my other car modelling approach). After you have a clean solid model, use the V command (rip tool) to separate the individual panels.

Thanks for the question, and peace out :RocknRoll:


you will be fighting bumps soon

Would you clarify what you mean? Thanks.

I am suspecting something but in order to fully clarify what I mean I would need to see your wires in edit mode without subsurface mode on

My wires are by no means correct as of right now…I’m planning on correcting the edgeloops as I go about filling the faces and creating a solid model.

I’m sorry I can’t upload wires right now, but if you would, please tell me what you are suspecting :eyebrowlift2:

hes saying that you have a sub-surf modifier on the mesh and its plain to see, remove it and post a screen while in edit mode.


That’s not what I was getting at. but you will be fighting bumps because to get all those edges to look good you have probably added a few vertices when you connect them up you are going to be working with a heavy mesh right from the start instead of a light one and than building up density. the more polygons you have the harder and more time consuming it is to get the surfaces smooth. That is why I said you will be fighting bumps and why I wanted to see your wires I need to see how dense you have gone before.

I’ve kept the wires as simple as possible placing verts only where they are absolutely necessary to define the general shape. My goal is to do exactly as you suggest, start with a simple mesh and then increase the resolution from there. I’m just using a different approach.

Thanks for the comment, and peace :RocknRoll: