Nissan Navara 2015

Hi. This is my old mode. I decided to finish it a few days ago(I still have some unfinished models)
. And here we are. Any critique is welcome. :slight_smile:

Cool, we actually have one of those as company car, that exact model, in that color. :slight_smile:

Very nice! This looks extremely professional! :slight_smile:

Nice, perfect car !

solid render work! Ground maybe a bit too glossy.

Damn, I was going to make one of these but I donโ€™t think Iโ€™ll be able to get it as good as yours!
One thing, to me it looks a little strange without a number plate, but really good work!

Wow! Looks very professional, like an advertisement! I like the lighting very much. Although I think the wheels are a little too squished (just a little), everything else is perfect! :slight_smile: