Nissan Silvia S13

I started on this a couple of days ago, I’m modeling a drift tuned Nissan Silvia from scratch using blueprints for the original car as well as lot of reference pictures from Google.
I very rarely work with 3D and I’m still very inexperienced (this is my first car model ever!!), so this will be quite a project for me.

Please take notice, the render may differ from each picture as I’m trying to figure out Cycles.
Let me know what you think :slight_smile:

First time I’m modeling rims (thx Andrew @ Blenderguru for all the great tutorials)

The result together with the tires

Early stage (~16h work)

Latest update (I noticed the headlights are a bit too overexposed)


Is this made using SubD or poly by poly? :slight_smile:

poly by poly, using knife and extrude mostly.
A lot of mistakes here and there like the spacing (not too much work on details yet) which was meant to be fixed!
Unfortunately my PC just died because the watercooling pump broke, RAM also got corrupted because of heat. So I won’t be able to continue until I can afford new parts which will take a while :frowning: