Nissan Silvia s14a

Little time ago i started to model one sexy car - s14a silvia :eyebrowlift:

here is how far im with it :eyebrowlift2:

dunno how to show better wires :no:

Well it’s a great start. Keep at it and look forward to the finished product.

thanks :rolleyes:

small progress :eyebrowlift2:

That’s a great start, keep us posted!

enable onlyshadows in the materials tab next to the spec options. that will make the composition look awesome.

EDIT: enable only shadows on the floor plane

Little progress :yes:

nice one.
I am modelling a camaro.
is the background in your render 3d or is it an image.
if its 3d, could you post a bit about it?
a bit about the materials too (sorry, but i’m a newb)

Thanks :rolleyes:

Background is Angular map taken from this forum :eyebrowlift2:

Great car and model looks very nice so far. Wish you would done S13 :wink:

Its looking very good, keep it up! Can you tell me how to make realistical head lights please?

Thanks :yes:

yavorh well i cant tell you how to make them realistic coz mines are not realistic :confused:

So are they skins? :smiley:

No they are 3d modeled but they dont look very realistic :eyebrowlift:

looks nice man:D.

are you using a texture for the reflections?


if you mean car body than it reflects angular map from world textures :eyebrowlift2:

okeee;) that looks good.

take a look at my WIP, audi R8;)

Thanks :cool:

made rear bumper :wink:

Awesome, look real!..but do you plan on modeling the interior and everything?

thanks :yes:

i think yes i will model interior but in not very high details :eyebrowlift2:

Wow awesome silvia, what method have you used to make this ?
i.e seperate objects, extruding.
im a newb :smiley: