Nissan Silvia s14a

Dunno how to call it right but yeah i was extruding edges :spin:

Sorry for DP :wink:

Started rearlights :yes:
(i dont like to make lights :smiley: )

Made better front and rear :yes:

small small progress :o

Started interior :yes: but i will not make it in details :eyebrowlift2:

no comments or critisms? :eek:

Use ao for renders and it will look even better
Attach images through the sites system and you will get more comments.
These thumbnails from the image hosting site are too small and no one spends a second to open them.

wow nice background to

Godofbigthings - im using only AO for renders now :rolleyes: and thanks for tips :yes:

ionee - thanks :confused:

still need to fix doors :yes:


Looking good

did something for a long time :rolleyes:

(damn i hate to make interiors :smiley: )


wow! nice… finish it man…

Started steering wheel :confused: need to fix bugs and model rest details :rolleyes:


Worked a bit on front and tested how it looks on wheels :wink:


The second render looks great.
I guess you should try something other than that HDRi map now


I will start to do something about environment when car will be finished coz i dont have inspiration now :eyebrowlift2:

Started taillights :eyebrowlift2:


Are you going to model the tail lights in detail??
Please post here when its done