Nissan Silvia S15 (first car)

This is my third aptempt on my first car in blender. I’d call this my first successful model aptempt. It’s obviously not done yet, I was planning on doing 3D lights, interior and I still got some geometry to adjust. Feedback to a beginner modeller please. Thanks in advance.

not a single comment :frowning: is it really that bad? I hope bumping is allowed

Hey welcome to blender!
I’ve been using blender for a while now but I still haven’t found my ‘artistic’ edge yet so bear with me.
It looks really good for a first go and I can see you put some work into it.

The base mesh looks good however I would consider adding some details like license plate, review mirrors, and door handles. It would surprise you how much small details like this help to make a model look way better.
Also have you tried the edge split modifier? It’s useful for making sharp edges on a smooth model.
Be sure to uncheck ‘From Edge Angle’ if you don’t want it to automatically sharpen edges based on angle.
You can mark edges as sharp by pressing CTRL+E on the keyboard and then selecting ‘mark sharp’.

Hope this helps!