nissan skyline 34 gtr

hello this is my second car, and I need some help to finish it


fix ure link or something…i cant see it…

Emrr, dude, what’s the problem with it ?

Help with what, exactly… there’s little I can see that isn’t pretty damn perfect already. Maybe a scene?

Thank you, I am not good on english so I try to write correctly what I mean for help in details for weekend. Like wipers fitting to glass shape, scene lightning, prevent front light glass looking like plastic and as you mentioned environment.

  1. I want to ask how did you set wipers perfectly to the front glass surface i mean wipers part that wash the water and so on.
  2. How to make motion blur to tires and rims ( I want to make car in drifting scene)
  3. Is volumetric clouds available in 2.48 (to make smoking tires affect)

sorry for stupid questions :slight_smile:

  1. When you find that out, please PM me and tell me!
  2. Look into vector blur. Im not an expert but I’ve heard thats the fastest way to add realistic motion blur.
  3. I think it’s in development, but not in 2.48. It may be available in a build somewhere though; I dunno.

Sorry for stupid answers.

Answers are not stupid, now I know what I should search for, thank you for help

I think he was making a point. No question is stupid if you really can’t figure it out. And the answers are only stupid if they’re wrong, rofl. :stuck_out_tongue:

Great car by the way. I can’t see much wrong with it.

As Yipee said. Also my first “answer” was more of a request so thats also part of the reason I added it. And finally it’s going back to what Rore said in my Gallardo thread, where he simply reworded my first post to suit what he had to say.

So yeah.

  1. i would use the retopo tool and “project” onto the glass, theres plenty of videos showing what i mean on youtube and vimeo :slight_smile:
  2. loadsa ways, motion blur by animating is also possible just google and you should be fine :slight_smile:
  3. not available in 2.48 official but as said go to “” and lots of unnofficial builds with volumetrics.

ps. its looking very good :slight_smile:

I may have the answer for the number 1 :wink:
You model wipers straight, and, after, you add an armature to deform it and fit it with the windshield. Making some actions with the base pose/final pose you can then assign action constraints to it and make it driven by a single bone :confused:
I seriously doubt that likethis works… it’s just for you get an idea.

thank you for good ideas it worth to try it out

new updates

I always liked the Skyline R34 GT-R. Ever since my Gran Turismo days I’ve loved the design. Great model btw and good choice of car ;).

this is insane man, keep it up

some update

Great One!
I like the rims the most, they look really photo realistic. would be a pitty if you blur them.

A yafaray render would be intresting, the material system is way easier than blenders one…

EDIT: I just saw you used yafary…