Nissan Skyline GT-R R34

I’m finally putting an end to this never-ending project (I started on February)! The results may not be perfect, but I think it’s time to move on. I greatly appreciate the comments on the WIP thread, which did help a lot. I certainly learnt a whole lot of new stuff, specially regarding lighting and materials, and that’s what matters.

As you can see, it’s not an exact representation of a Skyline, as it includes some parts I designed myself, which I hope you like (although I know there may probably be a mixed reaction). I intend to make a totally invented car the next time, which is the reason why I’m doing 3D, since it really is my dream to design cars. There’s still a long way to go and lots of stuff to learn… but as for now, this is it. Now I’ll be taking a long summer break, which means no PC at all.

So, with no further ado, here it is:

Rendered in Cycles @ 600 samples, each shot took approx 25min on a 650Ti. There’s quite a bit of editing in Gimp tho…

Anyways, hope you like it; C&C and ratings are very welcome!


Apart from the GTR logo, I don’t see anything. :confused: Try again?

I like it. Everything is nicely modeled and flows well. NICE! ★★★★

Fixed now!

Thanks, much appreciated!!

I love your final lighting and materials!
You improved a lot over this project, and the result is amazing! I am excited to see your next project.

I love it, well not the car itself, but you have done a great work, i like how well your car is lit, you have shown the main curve of the car, and that catches attention :wink:

Haha, thanks, if what you say about the lighting is true, then I’ve reached my own expectations. BTW , do you not like the skyline itself or the “aesthetical mods”? In case you are not a fan of skylines, that’s fine, I dont like doing overrated cars (note that there’s a huge difference between an r34 skyline and an r35 gtr in this aspect)… That’s what you’re for, hehe, mainstream stuff… (No offense)

@ctdabomb: thanks a lot man!

Congrats. You have achieved this very nice kind of look as it was an illustration not a rendering. I like it very much, smooth, clean, great reflections on the car. Do you have this in higher resolution?

please upload the shader nodes screenshot.i loved the material of car body.

Thanks a lot, and yeah, that’s what I intended: not exactly photorealism but simply good look. The lighting ended up being quite complicated, and you might have noticed that I haven’t worked so much on the rear shot, but only because I had no time. That’s also why I don’t have this rendered in a higher resolution :confused: … Sorry about that… Glad you ask though, I feel flattered…

Thanks! I’m afraid I won’t be able to post the node setup or anything in like three weeks, unless I borrow someone’s laptop… But I can tell you that the key to the shader was using brightness/contrast and HSV nodes to manage the colour of every single shader used to make the material. I will post it asap though. Oh, and post-pro does a lot too. I’m giving away my secret here, but basicly I painted white with the airbrush some specific areas in an overlay layer, and other things as well.

plz criticize

Can I ask for some more comments/ratings? Even though this is finished, critique is still greatly welcome, as it’ll be useful for my next projects. I feel bad for bumping, but so far all I’ve read is positive comments, which is great and it does feel good, but… this can’t be possibly be it, right? I’m sure there’s still room to improve, but I need some pointers atm though :frowning: … Sorry for egoist bump :confused:

You need some critique? Lopez, lopez, lopez. What am i there for?

The licenseplate needs some bumpmapping. Just to give it that extraedge. It looks too flat. Some grime maybe? \

You’ve literally nailed the tires.

I think the headlights are missing something. Don’t ask me what, i just feel it.

The rest is smashing beautiful. You did it mate. You did it.

no just that i don’t like this car in particular, but that is just me.

for the crits, i would have liked if you have worked more on the interior, but as an illustration it’s fit it purpose, so it’s okay :slight_smile:

I think the biggest fault is that the lighting and environment do not compliment the forms of the car. After looking at your original thread, I can see this is a high-quality model, but all the work you’ve put into perfecting the shapes is really not shining through here. Especially given your car design aspirations, and the modifications you’ve made to this one, you really want the finer details to stand out and do your work justice.

I was going to suggest some environment ideas that could help, but it looks like you’re going for a darkened studio photoshoot style. In that vein, this is one of the better examples I could find on Google (of this car anyway): I’m not a fan of the overblown highlights, but it’s a good example of giving the details the love they deserve.

I have no experience with creating such renders, so I can’t give technical advice, but I’ve scribbled all over your hard work to highlight what I can. (I only noted the tires, by the way, because I find that the size and design of a tire and hubcaps compared to the body can pretty strongly affect the impression a car has on me.)

Also, the focal length in the previously linked render is narrower, so there’s more perspective distortion, which helps bring out the larger gesture lines in the car body.

It’s like the difference between these photos of men jogging:

They’re in almost identical poses, both have impressive bodies, their clothing and even the scenery and lighting is similar. However, one jogger is a much more interesting and impressive sight. It’s all because of the camera angle, positioning, and focal length.

The second man’s bent right knee does affect the viewer’s impression a little (similarly to a more dynamic car design), so here’s one more example, whose pose is closer to the first jogger: Even with the less exciting pose and drab lighting, the camera’s configuration has a great effect.

I think your best render from your original thread is this one. Many of the changes I’ve suggested are already present to some degree. It’s much easier to see what’s going on with the hubcaps, and the contour lines on the hood are pretty clearly visible. It could use some fine-tuning (for example, your great work on the tire treads is hidden from view), but if you really want to make your work shine, I’d suggest moving back toward this setup and going from there.

Wow, thanks a lot for your suggestions and your time. Over time, I’ve asked a lot and received a lot of good tips and explanations. The problem was that (I think) I was not ready to understand them yet back then… However, your explanation was a really good one, and combined with all I’ve learnt before, I think my next render will look much better… Or maybe just different?

The thing about rendering that puzzles me the most is that there’s no right way to do it (not talking about photorealism)… Here I was going for a feint lighting shot, and judging by the comments it wasn’t too bad. Its simply what I had in mind in that particular moment. But it was just a random idea with no thought at all. Now I see that, as you say, its not the one that benefits the car the most… About the perspective, I dont quite remember why I shifted back to 70mm… I think it was because it looked more professional to me then… But now I understand. Your post, sir, was gold.

Uhh sorry for this double post, for some reason, the post above was posted twice… Sorry, no idea why it happened…

I’m glad to have helped! Whether you keep improving on this, or decide to move on to something new, I look forward to seeing what you come up with next!