Nissan Skyline (R34) widebody

Just finished rendering the backside, comments are welcome :slight_smile:


Miss a Spoiler :frowning:
Carmodel is great, but a tuned car needs a spoiler :smiley:

Nice, job!
What method did you use? box, plane, or what?
looks good, but did you use a blueprint? it almost looks like it’s a little short.

sliX: I knew someone would notice about spoiler :smiley: I personally don’t like much spoilers, some cars look good with them, others don’t :slight_smile: Skyline is one of those I like without spoiler, let’s just say it’s a drifting edition skyline :stuck_out_tongue:

Photoguy: I used plane. And yep, I used blueprint. Widebodykit makes it look a bit short I think

I like It!
Love the custom paint… although It kind of reminds me of the nvdia logo :stuck_out_tongue:

precise model, cool paintjob…but something about the body paint material does not look like…looks too dull…prolly because of lack of a world to reflect, maybe u could use a skymap or an HDRi probe for the car body to reflect

Its the AO noise. You should bake it and smooth out the image that’s mapped in the Gimp (or whatever). And yes, something to reflect really helps. I always like the studio effect, where you place really big white planes with a little emit turned on to be reflected.

black goes cool with green <reminds me of dos :slight_smile: >
good luck …

P.S. :- maybe i will start my car’s wip as well :slight_smile:
you are encouraging me to model cars :slight_smile: …

It needs some reflections but awsome paint job and model.