Nissan Skyline

Inspired by the great work from Samas on his recent thread. I decided to download the Skyline model in OBJ format and play around with materials and lighting for a change. (Since trying animate bipedal rigs was driving me insane.)

Here are two test renders so far.

I am utterly useless at light setups and I always have problems with shadows never coming out “right”.

I much prefer to play with materials knowing the lights are “perfect” but it never seems to work out. I either end up with what I think is good lighting or good materials, never both. :no:

There’s still work to be done on the light clusters and tyres, but I’m not sure I’ve the energy to go any further with it.


All I can say that is nought. This is one of best works of cars I have seen. I think you can leave it aside for now and do some more work on afterwards . . . take a break from being a genius like micheal angelo!

Thanks for the reply. :slight_smile:

I decided to play with the materials and a different lighting set up once more. Oh, and I made the car red this time, which I think works rather well.

The rear shot this time shows the mesh issues with the original OBJ file. I haven’t the time to go around tidying up the entire mesh and rid it of triangles and so forth.

Still, I think these two renders are better. (Or at least, I hope they are.)